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Famous Sun Moon Lake Tea Leaf Eggs

The Sun Moon Lake Tea Leaf Eggs are not only famous they are also artistically crafted to feature a marble effect. Kinda. Apparently a place called Shi Yin (石印) sells eggs that are prepared with mushrooms and a special blend of spices and tea leaves, and are the best tea eggs you can find in Taiwan. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that they’re “the best” because let’s be honest, one would have had to have sampled many other eggs prepared in the same manner as these ones before they can lay such claim with credibility. I will agree that if you generally love eggs, you’ll more than likely enjoy eggs that are infused with fragrant spices and tea leaves.

Traditional Taiwanese Fishing Boat Spotted on Sun Moon Lake | Majestic Daoist Shrine’s Wind Chimes

Bruneian tourists boarding our ride for an evening tour of the scenic Sun Moon Lake.
Our guide handing out the famous Sun Moon Lake eggs for us to sample.


The eggs are prepared with mushrooms and a special blend of spices and tea leaves.


More about the eggs: It may not be obvious from my only photo of the egg but evidently, these eggs feature a marble effect. To find out how you too can get that effect on your eggs:

“How to get the marble effect – boil the eggs twice. After the first boil when the egg hardens, the shell of each egg is lightly cracked/tapped around, without peeling. Make sure the cracked shell stays intact. Then, put these “lightly cracked” eggs to a second boil. The little cracks will allow flavour of the tea into the egg. To me, this is somewhat like a traditional etching process – where parts of the egg protected by the intact shell still maintains a color of white or pale beige while the areas of crack lines are exposed to the darkening stain of the tea immersion and you get a more intense darkened brown cracked (spiderweb-ish) line pattern around the egg. THAT is absolutely ART!” — Teczcape

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