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Less Is More: Taiwanese Street Food Culture in Black and White

Street food is huge in Taiwan and from what I’ve been told competition between push-cart vendors and hawker stalls is fierce. When it comes to eating, Taiwanese will happily stand in line to get their chow rather than head elsewhere for second best. I have had the pleasure of seeing this for myself even managed to get a table and survived the ordeal normally associated with eating in seriously crowded places. Between one extreme to another, I managed to capture some of the everyday gastronomic moments in Taipei. I thought these street photos say a lot more in varying shades of gray than in colour which I found rather distracting. I hope you like this series as much as I enjoyed processing them in black and white.

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Street or hawker food vendors are regularly featured on TV and subsequently published in magazines or vice-versa. Taiwanese will not hesitate to stand in line for good food and this is regardless of whether it rains or not (my wife and I stood in line for what is considered Taiwan's famous large fried chicken).

Life in the big city: Taiwanese undeterred by rain

Good food is a lot more enjoyable if you were in the company of good friends with whom you can have great conversation or family members who share the same passion.

This photo was almost a hit or miss for me until I noticed the chatty exchange between the two seated female diners a direct contrast to the two cooks standing right in front of them.



The boy at the far end of this table could wait no longer, reaches out with his chopsticks while the cook has their order covered.
Massive energy saver bulbs stall owners make no attempt to put covers on much like the massive woks these ladies are cooking a large serving of veggies in.


Eggs have to be one of the most consumed items here. I see more than just a few stalls with over sized hot plates that can accommodate a dozen eggs at any one time, including the photo immediately below.
A female helper at this stall cracks yet another egg to meet demands from their non stop orders.

4 thoughts on “Less Is More: Taiwanese Street Food Culture in Black and White

    1. Thank you. Good morning and greetings from sunny hot all year round Brunei (except when it rains). I shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and if memory serves me correctly, I had the 50mm f/1.4 on the camera at the time.


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