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Images of Little India in Singapore

This post isn’t a Little India Singapore feature post but rather just random street (and insides of shops) photo opportunity I came across while passing through this Jasmine scented signature aroma of Singapore.

“Little India is a cacophony of car horns, bicycle bells and the vibrant chatter of its residents. This explosion of sights, smells and sounds that you’ll find in Tekka Market is only a short walk from Little India MRT Station. Tekka, as it’s popularly known, boasts a plethora of stalls selling Indian, Malay and Chinese food that regularly draws crowds from all over Singapore. There’s also a wet market stocked with the freshest vegetables, meat, fish, spices and flowers. Stock up on souvenirs such as brass oil lamps and pots, or buy a fresh garland of jasmine, whose scent is signature aroma of Little India. Amid the pungent fragrances of spices and blooms is Serangoon Road and its inner lanes like Campbell Lane, Dunlop Street and Hindon Road. Here, look out for stalls selling Ayurvedic massage oils, gold, incense and fabrics in a variety of textures.” — Your Singapore. Check out also TravelerFolio’s write-up and photos of Little India Singapore

Click on photo to see a toned black and white version on Facebook

I'm not certain if the man on the left is being handed newspapers to deliver for the shop or a customer buy copies of the paper. Either way, what's fascinating is the well-stocked shop you'd be hard pressed not to find something you need here.

No trip to Little India is complete with a visit to the Sri Veeramakaliamman Hindu temple.

My Filipino blogger friend Melo and our Singapore guide check out the showcase of jewellery at goldsmith in Little India.
An accommodating shop owner shows us one of his distinctive and immaculately detailed gold necklace when we asked his permission to take a photo for our blog. After all we weren't going to walk out empty handed.



Flower garland shops are one of the oldest surviving traditions. Garlands are generally made of jasmine, marigolds & roses, symbolizing purity, peace & love. Garlands are placed on statues of deities as prayer offerings & on important guests during functions as a symbol of respect.


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