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Frothing Thermometer: The Missing Link

It seems as though I’ve had the Caffe Tiziano coffee maker for a long time but looking back at the blog post, surprisingly it hasn’t even been a year since my first milk frothing experience right at home. There was just something missing from the inventory — a frothing thermometer you often see being used at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. These things aren’t exclusively supplied to cafes and restaurants if you know where to look. I knew exactly who would have these but at the time I looked they were out of stock until yesterday when I dropped by Guan Hock Lee with Eric and they had new arrivals.

The Perfect Cup of Gourmet Coffee Made Right at Home | Caffitaly Espresso in a Bodum Pavina

Pour the milk into the steaming pitcher until it is just about 1/3 of the way full. Milk will double to triple in volume after the frothing process when performed properly. A stainless steel pitcher works best. It will dissipate some of the heat, allowing more time to infuse air into the milk before the milk gets too hot.
Slowly lower the pitcher until the tip of the wand is just below the surface of the milk (keeping the circulation going). When you can hear a hissing noise, similar to bacon frying, you have reached the perfect position for the wand to inject air into the milk. See instructions link for more guidance.
Full bodied Caffitaly Intenso Espresso combined with frothed milk served in double wall thermo-glass as much eye-candy as it is a strong and aromatic brew to savour.

Excellent Instructions for Frothing Milk Check out the inspirational video of Latte Art below:

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