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What I Order at Nur Wanita Restaurant: Gaeng Hang-Le

I dug a little bit into the origin of this dish and quickly discovered it is a Chiang Mai traditional dish called Gaeng Hung Lay which literally means Northern-style Pork Curry. Also known as  Khao Soi, it is a popular Burmese-influenced curry dish and the signature dish of Northern Thailand. Because pork isn’t served in all good halal restaurants in Brunei, we get a version at Nur Wanita Thai Restaurant called Gaeng Hang-Le (choice of chicken or beef).

Photos of our first dinner at Nur Wanita Kuala Belait shortly after its soft opening

Unlike Nur Wanita's first outlet in Kiarong, Bandar Seri Begawan, their restaurant in Kuala Belait offers dinning in an private room with an elegant touch.

Iced lemon tea is an all time favourite. I think this day and age of conscious dining, patrons should be allowed to control how much sugar their drinks contain. I asked for reduced sugar and it was still too sweet for my liking.

More photos of other fine dishes we ordered at Nur Wanita on Facebook

A shot of Nur Wanita's menu with a description of Gaeng Hang-Le's flavour and texture rich recipe.

Last night I asked for extra gravy and more than anything else, EXTRA ginger slices!

This is Gaeng Hang-Le, the only dish I order when dining at Nur Wanita. Available in either chicken or beef, I've only ever had the chicken and love the texture from the peanuts, garlic and ginger slices — lots of ginger. This photo was taken on the evening we dined with cousin Daniel and his wife where presentation is usually better compared to how it's served in Kuala Belait.

All photographs featured here and those on Facebook captured with Canon PowerShot G11

2 thoughts on “What I Order at Nur Wanita Restaurant: Gaeng Hang-Le

  1. Hi!

    I think your photographs are stunning. You have a special ability to turn the almost mundane into art. Any possibility you’ll be returning to Taiwan soon? I have a close friend celebrating her wedding with a semi-formal celebration at a restaurant (Taipei). She loves photography, esp. taking food and restaurant pictures. You’d be the perfect person to take the photos to immortalize her celebration.

    Just hoping,

    Terri Pebsworth (make that dreaming – sigh!)


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