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Brunei (No Longer) Holds World Record for Most People Dressed as Sunflowers

UPDATE: Russell Lothrop and Northside Primary School (both Botswana) in Gaborone, Botswana, has beaten British Forces Brunei Garrison on 14 February 2014 with a record turnout of 724. See Guinness World Record website

Although the town of Seria isn’t mentioned in the official record, residents of the oil town of Brunei Darussalam who didn’t know about a word record being attempted by the British Forces right in their backyard have good reasons (yes, not just one) to be proud — the Belait District now holds two world records including the World’s Lowest Hill.

Click on image to read the official Guinness World Record tweet confirming this record.
One of the ‘sunflower’ participants whose reflective sunglasses caught my attention.
Even though the official record is 571 the actual count that morning was 575. (Click on photo above to see more pictures from the world record attempt.) PHOTO: EOS 5D Mark II with EF 8-15mm Fisheye Lens.
British Forces protocol don’t allow civilians (non military personnel like me) to board the Bell 212 chopper even though I have previously flown with the Royal Brunei Air Force for a number of photography assignments covering both ends of the country. I was looking forward to the picture of the official sunflower ensemble from the chopper but sadly even the GWR website has no picture. Good thing I was on the ground I guess.

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