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Lowepro Preferred Photographer: Jan Shim Photography

I’m not at all disappointed that there was no Canon EOS 5D Mark III or a Speedlite 600EX flash waiting for me at the post office. After all it isn’t Christmas and my birthday is still some weeks away. When staff brought out a small white envelope, the Lowepro logo immediately gave it away — I filled out an online application some months back that I had completely forgotten about. Still a pretty nice surprise nonetheless!

Lowepro Preferred Photographer tag attached to my classic Lowepro Mini Trekker bag.

Interested in becoming a Lowepro Preferred Photographer? Click on image below to sign up.

3 thoughts on “Lowepro Preferred Photographer: Jan Shim Photography

  1. Hi!

    I also got a Lowepro tag, what does this mean? Does it make us an official Lowepro preferred photographer? Please let me know



    1. Consider the tag Lowepro’s small token of appreciation for choosing to use their bags. It would be nice if Lowepro also include our names in their list of photographers on their web site instead of just the more internationally known professionals — who knows, maybe they will in time to come.


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