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My First and Last Luminox Watch

Surprisingly, I have managed to live life without a wrist watch for a very long time — somewhere between 10 and 15 years — for as long as I had a mobile phone with me, telling time was never a factor. The last watch I bought that I still own is a Casio G Shock Titanium. It was until recently when I ran into a friend, my occasional coffee buddy, who mentioned that he had in his possession a Luminox watch he had put up for sale. I instinctively offered to take some close-up pictures and while originally I had the EF 100mm Macro in mind, I really only needed the PowerShot G11 to pull it off.

The use of carbon reinforced polycarbonate casing and rubber/silicone strap makes the watch really light and self-powered illumination system using micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) make owning one unique and practical. Not having to push a button to light the dials at night is a good thing but sadly the strap’s poor quality has ruined the experience for me. 

and quite possibly my last Luminox


2 thoughts on “My First and Last Luminox Watch

  1. From Jan Shim Photography Facebook Page:

    Scott Lightner There’s an Australian aboriginal saying to the effect, “Why would you want to wear eternity on your wrist?” I haven’t worn a wrist watch since the late 80’s. Came close to buying a bell and ross years ago, seems their prices have gone through the roof since then.


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