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Undeterred By Rain Life Goes On

Visiting Taiwan was as much an eye-opening experience as it was a learning one. You’ll see in the photographs below the streets are filled with people going somewhere and doing something in spite of the rain. Where I come from, people stay home or run to the nearest shelter as soon it starts to drizzle and by the time it starts to pour, the streets become deserted save for cars (because for obvious reasons, people stay dry in them). I love rain — heavy and light — because I’ve always found that vertically falling water adds that extra bit of character to life. Not being one to shy away from photographing in the rain, I continued taking pictures of interesting moments that unfolded. The lesson I learned: I battled rain drops smudging the lens by constantly wiping it clean with a HOYA Pro lens cloth. This inconvenience would have been prevented if I had brought along a lens hood but that’s an inconvenience in itself.

It's wet and it's cold. Non-stop people traffic, rain, colourful lights make for an interesting composition. If I had a tripod, I would shoot this in slow shutter so the people are a ghostly blur lending to a more dramatic composition.


Like all major cities, street food vendors are a familiar sight in Taipei. Rain or not, people gotta eat.
A toddler is being fed by her dad along while the couple strolls through the busy streets of Wufenbu.
Here's a picture of someone taking a picture of this interesting looking spiral food on a stick. Have no idea what it's called but I kinda gathered it's popular judging from its popularity (see photo below)


Evidently, not everyone is happy being soaking wet.


4 thoughts on “Undeterred By Rain Life Goes On

  1. During the last Ramadhan (around Aug’11?), those twisty-potato-chips thingy were also available in Brunei. I am not sure if they’re long terms, but yea, quite a number of stalls sell them in the markets. Pretty nice and really goo margin, each stick (similar to your photo) cost BND2.


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