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Staff At Starbucks Whistler Gave Me A Book For Free

15 years ago, my wife and I visited the Western U.S. on our honeymoon — Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and where the other honeymooners in our group proceeded to Seattle, we headed North — to Vancouver, Canada where a number of Bruneians I’ve known since my school days reside. In U.S. the weather went from warm to hot as we reached Nevada but the biggest shock was when we arrived Vancouver — suddenly we needed extra layers of clothing to stay comfortable.

Cappuccino (cap-uh-CHEE-no) Named for the Catholic order of Capuchin friars, whose hooded robes resemble the drink’s cap of foam

To cut a long story short, on the day we headed up to Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort it got colder and it didn’t take long before I found comfort in a warm of cappuccino at Starbucks. It was here that things got interesting like you would not believe. I walked around the cafe a bit, admiring the large collection of Starbucks items — everything ranging from ceramic mugs to coffee machines to cookbooks. I wanted to bring home an item from the store and what better memorabilia to get than A Starbucks Coffee Cookbook. With a copy in hand, I walked over to the cashier to check the price expecting it wouldn’t be too costly and was going to get it anyway. The cashier scanned the bar-code, said there was “no charge” and promptly put it in a bag for me — I was the happiest Starbucks customer that day!

Prefaced by then Dave Olsen Senior Vice President, this beautifully illustrated book shares brewing secrets of Starbucks, fascinating history and concludes with 34 recipes for coffee cakes, biscotti, muffins, tarts, cookies and more including guide to steaming and foaming milk.

 I cannot recall if my very first cup of Starbucks cappuccino was in the States or Canada but it was definitely one or the other. This was 15 years ago and till today, a Starbucks cup still has my name on it whether it’s a Short, Tall or Grande — the closest Starbucks outlet is in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. So yeah, it’s a true story and I continue to be favor Starbucks over others simply because of my unforgettable encounter.

There are no Starbucks in Brunei but the ways I satisfy my  craving for good filtered coffee
through Caffitaly single serve brewing system, Zest at Empire Hotel & Country Club 2

A choice of sizes:
Espresso drinks may be made in a range of sizes, depending on how much you want to drink and on the strength of coffee flavor you prefer:

Short. A basic 8-ounce cup, calling for 1 shot of espresso. Tall. A 12-ounce cup or glass. Using 1 shot of espresso yields a milder coffee flavor than in a short; 2 shots yields a stronger coffee presence, preferred by some people. Grande. A 16-ounce cup or glass, calling for 2 shots of espresso and yielding drinks of the same strength as a short.

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