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Photographing Double Rainbow A Matter of Opportunity And Preparation

I first shared this ethereal double rainbow photograph on Facebook back in May 2010 that attracted many Likes and comments of sorts. Photographing a rainbow has very little to do with camera skills but rather a matter of actually having one on-hand when a rainbow does appear. About the only thing left to consider is the foreground that adds interest to the shot and lead the eye towards various focal points in the composition. On the day I captured this gorgeous double rainbow I had just reached home from an appointment and would have missed it completely had I not entered the kitchen to get a drink — a clear case of right time, right place and you may argue — rightly equipped too.

This ethereal moment was captured on the EOS 5D Mark II using my then widest lens available - an EF17-40mm. As you can see, even at the widest, I wasn't able to capture the entire diameter of the second arch. Shooting from my kitchen balcony I was pretty much cornered to one vantage point.

Click image to view a larger version

5 thoughts on “Photographing Double Rainbow A Matter of Opportunity And Preparation

    1. Hi Joe, the 14mm f/2.8 is an excellent ultra wide lens I have shot with but don’t own due to its prohibitive cost. If you’re using the 14mm on a full frame body that’s extremely wide. If I had 14mm at the time this rainbow appeared, I would have most certainly captured the outer arch too.


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