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Juxtaposition: Hong Kong Causeway Bay

The word “juxtaposition” is a mouth full and not the easiest word to explain without the help of a picture. Basically it means subjects in a photo close together or side by side for comparison or contrast. Going through my photo archive this morning, I came across a photo I took in Hong Kong that best explains the meaning of the word — the contrast between one lone wooden boat against a fleet of million dollar yachts.

With just an EFs 10-22mm lens on my EOS 20D camera, I explored Wan Chai on foot with absolutely no clue where I was going or what I could expect to discover. Walking along these rusted fences, I came across an opening, composed this frame and captured a moment of juxtaposition. (Click to see larger version).

4 thoughts on “Juxtaposition: Hong Kong Causeway Bay

  1. This was very interesting to me. I also found Hong Kong to be a land of contrasts. I stayed in Kowloon but spent some time in the New Territories. It was two different worlds. Even Lantau islands home to both Disneyland and Tai O is remarkably diverse. Thanks for posting this.


    1. One of the more interesting contrasts is the timeless and extensive use of bamboo when construct scaffolding. During my visit I didn’t come across any such sight – I had expected to but didn’t so I was somewhat disappointed.


        1. Thanks. I have one or two photos of a building wrapped with bamboo scaffolding but they’re not what I would consider dramatic enough to use for a story. I’ll wait till I visit Hong Kong again someday.


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