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On Board The Historical Hong Kong Peak Tram

By the end of the Second World War, photographers seemed less enthralled with the tram as subject matter. Perhaps its novelty was wearing thin in the face of new advances in transportation, or was overshadowed by Hong Kong’s rapidly changing skyline. Cards from the late 1960s and 1970s focussed more on the newly built Peak Tower and the panoramic vistas that some visitors claimed yielded views as distant as Macau. Throughout its long history, The Peak Tram has remained one of the most visited and photographed sights in Hong Kong by offering not only an enviable view, but also a quiet respite from the city below. — The Peak Tram History

The Peak Tram began commercial operation in May 1888 (124 years old). We were driven up to The Peak in the comfort of my friend's car in spite of the stormy weather but decided we didn't want to miss an opportunity to experience a rice in the historical vehicle while we're here. It's not very often we hop onto a plane bound for Hong Kong. I believe it's my third ride but the children's first.
With a max speed of 6 metres per second, I kept my focus on passing opportunity not knowing what to expect in this stormy weather when visibility was very poor. The view of the city in the unedited image is barely visible and the details had to be extracted during post processing (all from a JPEG file).
Something about generous available light and greenery on both sides of the carriage makes that makes this descend an interesting moment to immortalize.

Earlier on up at The Peak at Cafe Deco Bar & Grill rain continued to pour after we sat down and ordered lunch. I was too excited catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.

The rain had stopped briefly giving a clear view of The Peak Tower, one of the most spectacular and stylish architectural icons in Hong Kong that has been featured in countless photographs and post cards.
I don't remember who ordered this Nasi Goreng (fried rice) with tender pork, shrimp, bell peppers, chili, coriander, crisp chicken wings, fried egg — not a style that we're accustomed to seeing for sure.
This is either Cafe Deco’s House Salad or Tartuffo e Prosciutto (Cafe Deco's famous pizza crust with tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula and black truffle) but the avocado threw it off.

 Cafe Deco Bar & Grill Menu International Asian and Western Cuisines PDF 1.06MB

I photographed this picturesque landscape of the famous Hong Kong harbour and city skyline through the glass of Cafe Deco. Visibility had been poor the entire morning and this curtain of opportunity opened up very briefly before rain took over the scene.
This breathtaking landscape was photographed on a numbingly cold and windy night in Feb 2007. It was one of those days I wished I had a tripod but I managed to pull this off nicely by bracing the camera against a concrete wall and holding it absolutely still for a couple of seconds long exposure.

To appreciate the beauty of this magnificent landscape, click to see a larger version

At the time Roland and I met, he had with him an iPhone 4 and an iPad — I was more intrigued with the iPad and here, Roland took a photo of me with the iPhone, applied a shallow DOF filter and in no time uploaded and tagged me on Facebook. It wasn't until a later demonstrated at Pacific Coffee that pretty much convinced me that the iPad is what the doctor ordered. Click on image to read more.

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