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Western Australia’s Little Creatures Brewery For All You Beer Lovers

Inspired by Mr Baker’s latest post reminiscing a trip to visit Perth, Australia I dug into my 2005 Perth photo archive and began my own trip down memory lane. I lived in Perth as a student somewhere between 15 to 20 years ago and only managed to revisit the largely unchanged city in 2005 as a working professional and married with kids (Australia isn’t exactly inexpensive a holiday destination).

A scene that epitomizes the Australian summer holiday we have all come to love and reminisce, visitors at Fremantle gazes at the quay marveling at the yachts and soaking up rays from the summer afternoon.

“Taking the shell of an old boat yard on the water in Fremantle (which had just been given up as a crocodile farm!) a modest brew house and packaging line was designed and built from scratch. Putting the collective ideas of the founders together, the brewery was designed with ales in mind and introduced a number of cutting edge and innovative technologies that would help make a beer unique to the taste buds of Australian drinkers.” — Little Creatures

The tour inside Little Creatures brewery was short but memorable and I’m glad I took some pictures.

“Beer consumes us everyday at the brewery (and it has to be said we consume beer too…sometime lots of beer!) Little Creatures was built to make great beer and hopefully that is what we do… As beer makers, we try and test ourselves everyday in an effort to keep improving and are always looking for little ways to make our beer just that bit better.” — Little Creatures

I have zero affinity to beer and most drinks with alcohol in them but these large tanks were a stunning visual invitation I couldn’t say no to.

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