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Photography: Lighting Up Radisson Hotel’s Main Entrance

The hotel in the heart of the Brunei capital city and business district that many remember as Sheraton Utama Hotel officially became Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam on April 30th 2010 (according to a quick web research). I’ve had many fond memories of the hotel having clocked several years of corporate event photography assignments at the Mutiara Ballroom that remains a popular and convenient venue for conferences, product launches, etc. On the second week of January 2012, the first day of my three day shoot at the hotel, General Manager Mr Peter Feran tasked me the responsibility for giving the 30 year old hotel a visual make-over while renovation work is carried out in phases. I began by lighting up the main entrance.

I composed this frame from across the road just as how passers-by might perceive the hotel’s main entrance to be unexciting by sheer virtue of it being too dimly lit. Rather than trying to conceptualize the appeal a brightly lit entrance, I made it real with the help of two Canon Speedlite 580EX flashes using the Phottix Odin TTL trigger system. The ability to control flash power remotely and confidently is simply godsend.

Below is a recent Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam ad campaign with the new visuals.
Other areas of the hotel where the Phottix Odin had been instrumental:

Deals Restaurant | Tasek Brasserie Restaurant | Gryphon Tea Experience

7 thoughts on “Photography: Lighting Up Radisson Hotel’s Main Entrance

  1. You make the old place look good! Renamed building but the memories are of a times seemingly so long ago when it was then the new Sheraton, many of us just back from UK, drinks in the evening and music. Good times. Good memories. Thank you Jan.


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