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Mounting An iPad On The Steering Wheel Using A Lanyard

The Apple iPad is my preferred computing device when working away from home and when my photography assignment does not necessitate lugging my Dell 17″ Studio laptop on-site. With the long commutes and long hours, my car turns into a makeshift office (only thing missing is an espresso machine. Mind you, the idea of my Caffitaly machine tagging along has crossed my mind once or twice.). After months of failing to source for the right raw materials, I finally found what works well incredibly well and requires no expenditure — a lanyard. In my example, I use a Nokia OVI wide lanyard I have in my collection from ZoukOut 2009. The idea to mount the iPad (having an Apple Smart Cover helps big time) on the steering wheel is nothing more than simple ergonomics — my work and the commute alone is tiring enough, no need to throw neck pain from awkward posture to the mix.

Mounting the iPad on the steering wheel is most useful when you’re parked waiting for kids to get off school or waiting for a friend to show up. Some steering wheels are particularly prone to excessive vibration due to worn out engine mounts, it may help to insert a piece of foam to reduce the effect.

Warning: It’s dangerous to place any object between the steering wheel and the passenger at any time you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. There’s an inherent risk of the airbag deploying when triggering conditions are met even when the vehicle isn’t moving. The idea here is that if you own an iPad, happen to have brought it with you and plan on using it in the car anyway, you may as well use it comfortably. The lanyard takes just seconds to mount and dismount.

5 thoughts on “Mounting An iPad On The Steering Wheel Using A Lanyard

    1. It would definitely be dangerous and illegal too to drive your vehicle with an iPad mounted this way. Even using the iPad for navigational purposes is dangerous. I do not endorse it nor suggest anyone doing the same. It’s a great idea if you’re going to be sitting in the car for a long wait.


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