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My Big Sensor Wish Came True In The Canon PowerShot G1 X

It’s no secret that I favour the small footprint Canon PowerShot G11 over the EOS 5D Mark II when it comes to taking pictures leisurely. When I’m not working, I prefer to be discreet when being an ordinary citizen going about his day shopping and dining among the masses. In the short years I’ve had the G11, I think I’ve pretty much pushed its limits to fill a void of the DSLR replacement space and while it has fulfilled most of my expectations, I cannot help but wish it had a more capable sensor. A bigger one for that matter. A much bigger one than its G predecessors: Large 1.5-inch 14.3 Megapixel CMOS, DIGIC 5, HS System, 15.1 – 60.4 mm (35mm equivalent: 28-112mm), Intelligent IS, 3.0″ vari-angle LCD, etc. [ Read reviews and detailed specs ]

OK while not exactly "half the specs" of the EOS 1DX, Canon has given me an "X" and for that I think it deserves credit for at least not delivering another weak G series upgrade.

A possible deal breaking caveat (for me) I picked up in the specs is its minimum focusing distance. The 1 cm macro capability on the G11 is what sealed the deal for me. In the Canon S100, minimum focusing is increased to an uncomfortable 3 cm but on the G1 X, lo and behold, focusing distance is further increased to a shitty 20 cm. This is unbelievable and downright unacceptable. Perhaps a technical impossibility given all engineering superiority of a “large sensor” implementation? Had I noticed this first before being momentarily blinded by all the specs glam, I might have not bothered with this post!

Very few people realize the important of strong composition when pointing their cameras at a subject. Even fewer camera manufacturers design cameras that make sense. Simple matter: if you can’t see, you can’t compose and other than the amazing 1 cm macro capability of the G11, the vari-angle LCD makes all the difference between a well composed photo versus one with an obvious blind spot.

Canon PowerShot G1 X images ©

What was once considered an absurd idea, big sensor in a Canon G series has become real.
There's no G13 but the release of the PowerShot G1 X has exceeded my expectations. I think it's time the kids began their photography lessons on the G11.

2 thoughts on “My Big Sensor Wish Came True In The Canon PowerShot G1 X

  1. New! 1.5” CMOS sensor
    Compared to the existing G12 (1/1.7” type CCD) approx. 6.3x more area* diagonal is approx. 2.5x, light receiving surface area per pixel is approx. 4.5x greater (more light is captured in the pixels).

    PowerShot G1X not only is capable to shoot low lighting conditions, but with its larger sensor size, its image resolution is enhanced further to capture more details and better clarify.

    With this large format sensor format, it is possible to take photos with blurred backgrounds “boke effect”, inheriting EOS technology.


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