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Hollywood Dreams Parade at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore® presents Hollywood Dreams Parade – its first-ever full-scale street parade and moving homage to movie-making and the celebrated movies we love and remember. 14 magnificent and intricately detailed floats laden with special effects, a custom musical overture and a myriad of fan-favourite movie characters along with a cast of over 100 extravagantly costumed performers enchanting every spectator as it winds through streets of Universal Studios Singapore – the region’s first movie theme park.

Six electrifying scenes

Rolling Marquee & Stars in Car

Fronted by a moving marquee bearing the logo of Hollywood Dreams Parade, the procession kicks off its first scene with a vintage Cadillac ferrying famous Hollywood Monsters like Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein, together with Woody Woodpecker at the back in a custom-made rumble seat donning a special director outfit directing the parade. They are accompanied by a wave of paparazzi and ribbon dancers performing around the car as it proceeds through the park.


The beloved cast from “Madagascar” goes on full swing in this scene to create bursts of living colour against island-themed floats bearing the iconic Baobab tree and costumed characters like Alex, Melman, Marty and King Julien, who will be speaking and interacting with guests along the way in the company of dancing Lemurs and drummers. Tailing closely behind the main float is an elaborate crate trailer with the lovable penguins on board, mischievously squirting away at guests with their water guns.

Far Far Away

A fairy-tale atmosphere will overwhelm spectators as the “Far Far Away” scene commences with the main float carrying a life-sized Dragon, who is seen sharing an intimate love moment with Donkey and housing a saddle on her back carrying Shrek, while the Three Little Pigs and Gingy are hanging for their dear lives on her tail. Puss In Boots, Pinocchio and the Three Blind Mice will be riding closely behind on the float of the Dragon’s lair. The astonishing level of detail is conveyed through the vibrant colours on the floats as well as the smoke, water and sound effects.

Lost World

A jeep escaping with a baby T-Rex and animated Dino eggs kick off the “Lost World” scene as it braces spectators for a gigantic mother T-Rex hot on pursuit dangerously close behind. With its ferociously loud and nerve-wrecking roars, spectators feel chills down their spines throughout this terrifying yet immersive experience. Adding to the atmosphere are water-spitting dinosaurs on each side of the float and walking Raptors with baby dinosaur keepers accompanying this Jurassic entourage.


Led by the fearsome Scorpion King and his pack of marching Anubis Warriors and Scarab Beetles, the main float transports guests right into the “Mummy” to witness the horror of Imhotep resurrecting his dead warriors, only to have Rick and Evelyn O’Connell foil his plans for terror through a series of aggressive fight scenes and eventually, by reading a passage from the Book of Amun-Ra to destroy the evil high priest.

 That’s a Wrap

The Hollywood Dreams Parade brings on its grand finale with “That’s a Wrap”, with a touch of class in the atmosphere complementing the grandeur of the main float, which is set in a form of a stage-structure with two large champagne glasses where spectators will marvel at superstars Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop. Accompanying them are elegant ballroom dancers and stilt walking ushers alongside the float, topped off with a walking clapper board and large bubble shooting champagne bottles to end the procession off on a most celebratory note.

 Parade Fun Facts

Hollywood Dreams Parade will be the 22nd attraction unveiled in Universal Studios Singapore, on New Year’s Eve 2011, hot on the heels of the world’s first TRANSFORMERS The Ride, which premièred on 3 December 2011.

  • The length of the parade route is 688 metres from start to end (stretching through five out of the park’s seven themed zones).
  • Approximately 400 litres of paint and more than 5,000kg of fibreglass were used in the production of the floats.
  • 4.6 meters (about two storeys high) is the height of the tallest float from the scene “It’s a Wrap”.
  • Guests can enjoy a total of seven different soundtracks during the procession; one for each scene and the signature Hollywood Dreams Parade overture, across 54 speakers on board the floats.

Running through five of the park’s seven zones, the parade route is approximately 30 minutes long and gives each guest about a 10-minute viewing experience of the procession. Hollywood Dreams Parade will run once a day at 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and selected holidays, and will be included with regular theme park admission. For tickets and information, visit


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