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A Morning of A Thousand Bokehs

Today is the second Sunday of 2012 and instead of sleeping in following another night of rain, my wife and I agreed to cousin Daniel’s invite to hike the Sungai Liang Recreational Park, an activity we didn’t do very much of last year. Saying yes was the easy part, getting out of bed is another story but being slightly unwell, I slept much earlier than usual so on this particular morning, I was up 30 minutes before the alarm. My favourite pair of shoes for what may be muddy terrain is no other than Crocs™ Quicktrail Low (only wish I could add studs for increased traction on slippery surfaces).  As usual, the Canon PowerShot G11 came along and captured a scene where a single ray of sunlight had pierced through a canopy of trees at the right angle to produce this amazing starburst and bokehs.

Ray of Light Moment At Wasai Kadir, Labi

Bokeh is the blur or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image.

3 thoughts on “A Morning of A Thousand Bokehs

  1. Jan! How come I am so blind never see these wonderful images in the jungle? When you go its all magical! Beautiful pic. Happy new year…again! Its still Jan la. Cheers!


    1. As long there’s abundance of natural light, there’s potential for a magical moment or two. This particular magic here involves capturing not what is right in front of you but actually defocusing the scene bringing what would otherwise be focused and throwing them way behind the focus plane those highlights become blur instead of sharp.

      Bokeh = blur and depending on how many blades the camera aperture is constructed with, the quality of bokeh patterns vary. Hope this makes sense but yeah, you have to see the opportunity before any of such defocusing can take place.


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