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Limited Edition Baccarat Crystal Camel Up Close at the Emperor Suite

Although this limited edition Baccarat Crystal Camel isn’t the only piece found exclusively behind the closed door of the Emperor Suite, it is the only one of two not encased in a glass housing. I first got to see it up close during a wedding shoot in 2009 at the Suite and a maybe one or two more times thereafter but took no pictures. Recently, I visited the Suite again to recce potential spot for a client’s ad campaign shoot and this time I had my Canon PowerShot G11 with me and with some time to kill in between discussions, I have these to share.

Housekeeping meticulously preps the bed for a distinguished foreign head of state visit. Our visitors can be seen at the left of this picture busy checking out the Baccarat Crystal Camel.

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Our visitor from Singapore, her first Emperor Suite experience, tries the impossible task of lifting the incredibly heavy Baccarat Crystal Camel but to no avail.
The pure Baccarat Crystal Camel is said to have cost US$500,000 each according to internet sources.


Baccarat-Camel-04[ All images photographed with Canon PowerShot G11 ]

Zest Cafe at The Empire Hotel and Country Club


3 thoughts on “Limited Edition Baccarat Crystal Camel Up Close at the Emperor Suite

  1. Oh, this one is my favorite!!! I work for Baccarat and i can tell it’s real one work of art…. If somebody want information about it i’ll enjoy to share with you one of my passion:-D


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