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Quietly Helping The Environment: The Mitsubishi MiEV Electric Vehicle

While covering the Brunei Energy Expo 2011 for three exhibitors: Berakas Power, Hengyi Industries and Mitsui Chemicals, I came across the Mitsubishi MiEV electric vehicle showcase. Unlike the Lexus CT200h Hybrid in which I had an opportunity to test drive at length when Lexus Brunei brought their fleet to Seria town, I simply dismissed the compact MiEV as an unattractive substitute. You know, being electrically powered and all that it’s got to be somewhat lacking in the performance department. I can see where this little thing possibly fits in my garage — in the place of my mom’s Toyota Echo, a small yet deceptive gas guzzler. Put the MiEV and the Echo side by side and they would squarely fit on total opposite ends of the Fuel Economy spectrum. The Brunei Times recently featured a story about the Mitsubishi MiEV “Electric Dreams” contributed by prolific writer EmmaGoodEgg (you can also find her other contributions here too).

The i MiEV is a zero-emissions vehicle. Even when taking into account CO2 emissions at the power plants that generate the power needed for charging the car, it emits only approximately 30% of the CO2 of a gasoline minicar.
Because the vehicle uses an electric motor free of vertical vibration associated with gasoline engines, it runs extremely quietly.
The cost per kilometer to drive the i MiEV is one third that of a comparable gasoline vehicle. Depending on the cost of electricity, cost per kilometer can drop as low as one ninth that of gasoline, for example when charged during off-peak or night-time hours.
Using the on-board charger, the vehicle can be charged with a 100V or 200V power source in the home. In addition, if quick-chargers currently being developed by power companies are used, it will be possible to charge the vehicle in a short time.

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