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Beach Bunch – Brunei Shell Petroleum Kuala Belait Beach Cleanup

Present were Managing Director of BSP, Mr Ken Marnoch as the guest of honour, and President of the Beach Bunch, Awang Rizan Latif. Also taking part in the cleaning campaign were BSP staff, their families, students from various schools, namely Jefri Bolkiah College of Engineering, Perdana Wazir Secondary School, Sekolah Vocational Sultan Bolkiah and a school from Tutong District, Tumpuan Telisai Primary School. On the other hand, also joining hands were members of the private sector and BSP contractors such as Mashhor Group of Companies and Swiss Hotel Apartment. — Borneo Bulletin

Beach Bunch in Support of Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup
More photos on Facebook | Borneo Bulletin Story PDF 830KB

Managing Director of BSP, Mr Ken Marnoch as the guest of honour, officiates the cleanup campaign.

“The BSP Managing Director in an interview with the Bulletin noted that it is high time for people to start changing their mindset and be responsible to keep the environment clean towards creating a better society.”

Following Ken Marnoch’s opening remarks, President of the Beach Bunch, Rizan Latif briefs participants on the logistics and expectations of the cleanup campaign tactfully leaving out the bit about separating the trash afterwards.


Immediate after Rizan’s brief, participants disperse to form individual groups of individual members with specific roles.
Brunei Shell Petroleum Technical Director, Catherine McRae, helps explains the purpose of documenting the debris.
A Chung Ching student (right) identifies an object BSP MD Ken Marnoch picks up.

[ Beach Bunch in Support of Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup ]

The quality of light in the morning can be quite harsh but can also produce interesting combination of light and shadows.
BSP Technical Director Catherine McRae helps the students out in litter identification as the morning rolls on.





Going against conventional wisdom and shooting an engaging moment against heavy back light can produce interesting results.
Light quality wise, this is my favourite pick of the whole set. I like how the combination of large aperture shot and diffused light makes the backdrop of skies and ocean look like a studio set.
No Beach Bunch Cleanup is complete without picking up a tyre or two from any of the beaches so far.


“Driven by passion and frustration due to the constant littering on the beach, Awang Rizan said their mission is not only to keep the environment clean but also to provide education and awareness to the younger generations on the importance of a clean environment.” – Borneo Bulletin excerpt
“Awg Rizan also noted the lack of awareness in recycling in Brunei. Some institutions are practising it, but this habit should also be brought into household and the residents must also be educated about the significance of recycling.” – Borneo Bulletin
Rizan picks up an aluminium can explaining and demonstrating items to be separated from the rubbish collected.
A representative from Brunei Shell Petroleum hands out gloves to students prior to sorting the rubbish.
Rizan and Catherine catching up after the smoke clears while members of BSP and Beach Bunch weigh the bags of litter.
Once rubbish is separated and bagged, every single one of them gets weighed and recorded.


A weighing scale is hooked onto a wheel to determine it’s weight.


“Mr Ken Marnoch said he is delighted with the great turnout and it is great to see people of all ages and backgrounds participating in the event. These activities are part of BSP and BSJV’s contribution to the local community and our continuous voluntary efforts to make a difference.”
A photo opportunity with Ken Marnoch to commemorate another successful Beach Bunch event except this time, it’s a meaningful campaign held in my home town, Kuala Belait.

[ Beach Bunch in Support of Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup ]

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  1. Hi Jan,

    We have linked this post to Ken’s blog to further complement his story. The blog, however, is only accessible to BSP’s intranet users.

    As always, great shots! Thank you ansd see you around soon. 🙂

    Corporate Communications


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