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Turn Your Blog Into A Book Using BookFabrik

I published my first blog post on 3rd November 2006, and I went on to publish some more since then bringing the number of total posts to-date to an incredible 597, not including this one. Just a couple more and I’ll have reached a new milestone of 600! The question I have now, after years of late nights and countless coffee churning out pages and pages of WordPress blog even putting up with the often spastic internet connection that has directly resulted in the number of white hairs on my head that you can count, for now! The question now, what’s next? Perhaps turn the entire Shimworld blog content into a book? Not unimaginable considering I have successfully used BookFabrik to produce a 652-page PDF proof of my blog’sΒ  2011 content (posts from January to September 2011). A push from a recent WordPress Forum discussion inspired me to create this post (#598) but who’s counting?

I’ve been thinking about Shimworld’s blog purpose. It’s caused me to imagine : “What if we could create a pdf of our blog site, or portions of it?” Now that’s something I might cough up a few dollars to be able to do! (I have family members not on internet, and would love to share with them what I’ve shared with anyone else who might come along!) I’m off now to find a place to post my idea … maybe, maybe … πŸ™‚ |Β maggieannthoeni

To get an idea of what your blog looks like published, take a look at my sample:
SHIMWORLD Book Proof [Jan β€” Sep 2011] PDF Download [size: 62MB]

Note that BookFabrik does not turn your blog into an eBook.
To turn your blog into an eBook, I recommend BlogBooker for WordPress.

Check out FeedFabrik’s blog for useful info about this service.
Additional resource: Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or yourΒ blog

8 thoughts on “Turn Your Blog Into A Book Using BookFabrik

  1. Fantastic app. One day I shall have to do one for myself. It’d be my sort of autobiography. Thanks for the good share. Two thumbs up!!


    1. I don’t like any of the offered slideshows. I feel they don’t add any value to readers who prefer to appreciate still photos at their own leisure so for that reason I don’t use it at all.


      1. Sorry that wasn’t my question at all. But don’t worry. I’m sure the slideshows end up blank or maybe overlapping…after blog converted to e-book.

        Who knows.


        1. Oh, I completely understood your question just that I chose a long winded reply as to why I haven’t an answer for you. It may just be either empty, black of if you’re lucky, black with a thumbnail photo inside.


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