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Postcard From Karin Leitner, Celebrated International Flautist From Vienna

Yes, you read that right. I really did receive a postcard from Karin Leitner, an international flautist touring worldwide with solo and chamber music concerts. She composes her own music, which sounds filmic and celtic and she supports several charities worldwide in order to make the world a better place. She plays music from the heart and is most happy when she can touch people with her music and make them happy and relaxed, bring them in a good mood and inspire them. She has 6 CDs on Amazon and iTunes: The Gardens of Birr Castle, Soul Alignment, Earthmagic, Seamagic (released Oct 2011), Music of Great Irish Houses, Castle Music. Check out her esteemed biography for more information about her accomplishments and accolades.!/janshim/status/114991824631889920

Karin found me through her network when she was looking to reach the organisers of Toyota Classics, the team who have brought orchestra performances to audiences in Brunei for longer than I have been engaged to photograph the event. I have since introduced her to my contact at NBT Brunei who at the last time we communicated have contacted Toyota Classics. I wish her all the best and hope to see her in person some day.

Look Karin Leitner up on her Facebook Fan Page


I'm equally excited at the prospect of meeting Karin someday. Hopefully she gets a gig with Toyota Classics and she gets to visit Brunei or that someday I get to visit her in beautiful Vienna.

Here are a couple of portraits Karin has sent me to share with my readers including links to her several of her performances on YouTube including her “Titanic” piece at the Vienna Filmball where she played for Kevin Spacey.

Karin-dreamy-wpKarin-Flute-wpKarin Leitner plays “Titanic” at the Vienna Filmball for Kevin Spacey

Karin Leitner plays in Woodford House, Dublin with Cormac de Barra

Be real. Let me know what you think ...

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