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Breakfast Served: Smoked Trout, 8 Grain Brown Bread and a Caffitaly Morbido Espresso

Some of us occasionally crave the kind of breakfast that’s usually served at fancy cafes and upscale restaurants that usually also includes freshly brewed fragrant gourmet coffee. The good news is that with a little bit of effort, you can pretty easily obtained the same healthy ingredients from your local supermarket or a cold storage facility and make your own. The ingredients are simply: 8 Grain Brown Bread with Nuttelex Olive spread, Black Peppered Smoked Trout, Lettuce. OK, my coffee didn’t come from the shelves of a supermarket but rather a B$389 Caffitaly system. Thing is this, when you buy a pack of smoked anything be it trout, salmon or tuna they usually expire in a matter of days — luckily for me, I get to share this with my wife so the trout and brown bread lasted us 3 days.



Day 3 — same ingredients with an addition of scrambled eggs. For my morning brew, I was torn between Coffee Bean’s FRENCH or VIENNESE but at the last minute, I popped in a stronger MORBIDO instead.

[ Camera: Canon PowerShot G11 ]

A Facebook Friend currently in Melbourne came across the top photo I posted and felt compelled to comment about ‘ang-mo style’ (a popular Chinese slang to mean Western).

Safarul Izwan | “well atm im still in Melbourne and one of the best thing about being in Melbourne is their ang-mo style breakfast, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, bagel/bread and of course the salmon that goes along with it. once i go back, i dont even know where to find that kind of breakkie any more.” — Facebook comment


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