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Toyota Classics 2011 Featuring Vasko and Pamela with Northeast German Philharmonic Orchestra

As official photographer to the Toyota Classics series in Brunei Darussalam since 2007, I began collecting the event posters from 2008 with autographs by the conductor, soprano, artists. What began a biennial event has turned into an annual affair for the last 4 consecutive years — yes, it’s that popular! This year Toyota Classics 2011 blends tradition with contemporary, meeting East and West with Pamela and Vasko in concert with the Northeast German Philharmonic Orchestra. I’m excited at the possibility (read on for details of ticket prices and availability).

| Selected images from Toyota Classics 2009 and 2010 |

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Toyota Classics 2011 proudly opens its prestigious doors to present classical music with the unique touch of Pamela and Vasko. Aside from performing and recording all over the world as a piano and violin duo, these skilful artists are famed for innovative projects which bring classical music to the cutting edge of popular culture. Vasko, nicknamed ‘Super-Paganini’ by the press, is a former child prodigy himself, and the youngest ever Concertmaster of the Royal Opera House in London. The Northeast German Philharmonic Orchestra make a welcome return to Toyota Classics to perform exciting new arrangements with both exceptional talents. Under the talented conduction of Thomas Dorsch and performing Pamela’s cross-cultural creations that enchants generations, this fine orchestra delivers an enviable musical heritage, classics as you have never heard before.

Toyota Classics 2007 Cadaques Orchestra | Toyota Classics 2008 Vienna Operetta Orchestra

Click on image to view full size.TOYOTA CLASSICS 2011 on 26th October, Wednesday
Door opens 8:00pm, Programme starts 8.30pm, International Convention Centre
Ticket Prices: B$150, B$120, B$80, B$50, B$30
Tickets are available at All NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd showrooms
Call Hajah Wan at 2445887/8770154 or Sheilla at 8732200 (BSB) or Jessica Yee at 8747700 (KB)

2 thoughts on “Toyota Classics 2011 Featuring Vasko and Pamela with Northeast German Philharmonic Orchestra

  1. No autographed poster from Toyota Classics 2011 this time but I did obtain autographs from violin Soloist Vasko Vassilev, Piano Soloist Pamela Tan Nicholson and Conductor Thomas Dorsch. Pamela is mother of famed virtuoso violinist Vanessa Mae. She was wonderful subject to photograph and where my distance would normally be too close for comfort, I parked my camera right on the piano while she hammered away.


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