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iCentre’s iMMerse Photography Challenge 2011 #Brunei

When an iCentre representative called me earlier this week to ask if I could judge their first iMMerse Photography Challenge 2011, I did not immediately agree. It’s not because I had doubts, it was more to do with an appointment with a Chinese Petrochemical investor for whom I recently photographed their meeting with His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei at Brunei Energy Expo 2011. Instead of driving to BSB twice, my client agreed to meet on Friday morning to streamline a number of appointments into a one productive day.!/janshim/status/119627704323674112

Everything had gone well, I was enjoying the frozen lemonade at Coffee Bean even though I thought it was ridiculously sweet for my taste, then there was a sudden out of nowhere downpour that showed no signs of easing. Already running a bit late for my lunch appointment with Eric, owner of Mr Baker’s Bakeshop I made a run to my car and didn’t get very far when the rain got heavier I was soaked within seconds. You could say I was completely ‘iMMersed’ 🙂

For details of the iMMerse Photography Challenge, check out!/BruneiTweet/status/119669707338027008!/iCentre_Brunei/status/119671185477873664

First round of images will be selected by representatives of iCentre, and also by professional photographer, Jan Shim.

This is my 5th photo judging invitation after HSBC (Red Photography Contest) Standard Chartered Bank, Baiduri Bank and The Empire Hotel & Country Club. I look forward to see the entries for “MY BRUNEI”!/nooril669/status/119940641353510912

The Brunei Times: iMMerse Photo Challenge Launched

From left: Hadi Shafie, iCentre Manager; Hui Kwok Leong, iCentre Director; Sheikh Rashid Salam, Assistant CEO of Local Business Development, BEDB; Jan Shim and Delwin Keasberry | Photo by Dean Kassim, BB!/janshim/status/119945057968201728

For details of the iMMerse Photography Challenge, check out

| click on image below to view Borneo Bulletin Weekend article in full. |!/janshim/status/119742393032515584!/jaydensia/status/119953864911892481!/anthony_er/status/119351384775733248

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