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My Larger Than Life Prints At The Brunei Energy Expo 2011

The weeks leading up to the Brunei Energy Expo 2011 had been nothing short of breathless as I juggled other tasks and responsibilities while keeping up with momentum of editing and delivering super high-res images my client required for the event. After countless text messages, phone conversations, IM chats and delivery of revised images in large TIFF formats, here are the results of my client and their designer piecing the art together for His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei and visitors to appreciate. It’s not very often I get to have my work printed and exhibited this way so please bear with my higher-than-usual appearances. Less even was the  opportunity to photograph the night lights of Brunei’s ministerial buildings from the rooftop of Brunei’s tallest building (Borneo’s third tallest) — the Ministry of Finance building.

His Majesty Opens Energy Expo 2011 | Brunei Energy Expo Comes To A Close

The view from the rooftop of Brunei’s tallest, Borneo’s third tallest building — The Ministry of Finance — quite the exhilarating experience I could say no to.
In between two large canvas prints, left the SCADA operations room while right the ministerial montage.
Quite possibly first of a kind attempt to montage the ministerial buildings night lights for this showcase. Well done, team Berakas Power!

A diesel powered turbine at the Jerudong plant is revealed during a routine maintenance. This 620 pixel photo does little justice to the details one can see in the large print.
A fisheye shot of Berakas Power’s Jerudong station from the top of a hiab truck lift basket.
A series of “staff at work” photographs shot are various locations include the inside of a service van.
Hans J Rauhudt, Manager and General Manager of the Berakas Power Management Company (BPMC) shows His Majesty the SCADA operations at their HQ.
Request for His Majesty to pen his gracious presence at the Berakas Power Management Company
That’s me at the bottom right taking a photograph of His Majesty (photo courtesy of Gavin).
One of His Majesty’s first stops — Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd, Brunei’s gas producer and exporter.
His Majesty at the Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd booth
“Leaving the expo, at least 100 students crowded the doorways to seize a chance to greet His Majesty.” BT
Waiting at the exit of the Bridex Hall by His Majesty’s car are towels bearing the signature initials “HB”
A light hearted moment as His Majesty chats with a student before leaving the venue on this rainy day.


Screams from excited students filled the air as His Majesty waves to them from the other side (see below)


10 thoughts on “My Larger Than Life Prints At The Brunei Energy Expo 2011

  1. I”m sorry my question clearly indicates that I’m:
    a) Canadian-born (even though I have an Asian face)
    b) I’m in a predominantly Christian-based country (though in Canada Islam among immigrants probably has mushroomed in Vancouver, Toronto for past 15 yrs.)

    Why is it the King (or is it Prince) not formally wear the religious cap/hat? Is he Muslim?


    1. Hi Jean,

      We refer to our King as Sultan and the media world popularly and commonly refer to His Majesty as “The Sultan of Brunei”. Brunei is predominately an Islamic country, the Sultan is Muslim. Unlike the Middle East, Muslims (men and women) in most part of Asia do not and aren’t required to don religious clothing ordinarily except on Holy Fridays (during prayers) and on specific occasions that require them.


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