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This was not just another trip into the Belait forest but my maiden journey to Wasai Kadir, a hotspot for picnic, jungle trekking and most popular of all the waterfall. (“Wasai” is Malay for waterfall). Driving to the end of the Labi road, we covered a total of 51 Km from the Sungai Liang entrance and along the way came across another signboard that points to two other waterfall spots: Wasai Teraja and Wasai Beluluk.

General reference to “Labi waterfalls” usually means Wasai Kadir — a destination that has remained shrouded in mystery, allure and tragedy since my childhood and school days. Exactly why a place that used to be also called Wasai Wong Kadir is now officially shortened to just Wasai Kadir is a mystery on its own. Read also Anthony’s take on our impulse trip into our backyard and The Spirit Maiden of Wasai Kadir.

Ray of Light moment at Sungai Liang Recreational Forest Park

Originally photographed with a Canon Powershot G11

Light rays not only limited to the wide open green surrounding but also reflected on a drop of water captured moments before it slithered off a plant. This shot was captured using the 5D Mark II with EF 100mm Hybrid IS f2.8 L.

Not exactly a Kodak moment but a right moment nonetheless. Photo by Anthony Er just as I am framing and waiting for the water droplet shot braced in position by the Quicktrail Crocs footwear.

Mobile cellular coverage in the inner parts of Labi is erratic at best or non-existent most of the time. For this reason, I was unable to get a GPS location on either my Nokia E71 or the iPad both of which require an active cell signal for the inbuilt Assisted GPS to function. I really should invest in a dedicated GPS if jungle trekking is going to be more than an impulse outing.


    1. Driving from Seria, I think it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Wasai Kadir car park (51 Km from the Sungai Liang entrance). The rest of the journey inside on foot.


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