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Masjid Terapong (Floating Mosque) The Pride of Tanjung Bungah Residents in Penang!/janshim/status/72483825795596288

Tanjung Bungah was once a simple fishermen village, but new luxurious hotels have been rising in this area lately. The Floating Mosque has been built after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami destroyed the old mosque and is now one of the landmarks of Penang, Malaysia.

Masjid Terapong is Malaysia’s First Floating Mosque at the sea accommodating up to 1,500 worshippers.

The pride of Tanjung Bungah residents - Masjid Terapong or the Floating Mosque. Not exactly the right time of the morning for this shot but insisted we stopped here because of its historic significance and lives lost to this devastating tsunami. My prayers go to the surviving family members.


The flats that were built to provide accommodation to those who lost their homes and livelihood.
A view of the coast on the right side of the mosque shows the flats and fishermen's boats during a low tide.

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