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My daughter Jewel has so far this year competed in two sports meets. The first one (also her first ever attempt to run) was at her own school’s 4x100m back in May. Her only second run to-date was just a month back at the 3rd Battalion@Lumut Camp where she competed in both the 400m and 4x100m events. Thing is this, in both the events, she ran with the wrong type shoes for various reasons. Being new at this, we weren’t sure if it would be a worthwhile investment and compounding this matter was the fact that no suggestions had been made for Jewel to train in proper gear — equipment that may mean quicker times and possibly a very different outcome.

After two running events and seeing her enthusiam to run growing each day, I surprised her with this lime green spiked running shoes we named The Viper. Interestingly, my Dell Studio 17 is also lime green!
Jewel running in the Chung Ching Middle School's Green House 4x100m event.

“Of all races, the fierce competition between Amanda Koo of Chung Hua Middle School (KB) and Jewel Shim of Chung Ching Middle School primary section in the girls’ 400m event had the whole stadium on its feet” — Chua Guan Cheong | The Brunei Times

The 400m event at the Belait inter-school track and field meet at 3rd Battalion, Lumut Camp. Note that fellow runner, Amanda Koo (red) is properly geared in spiked running shoes. The idea here is not to pursue a competitive edge but rather a level playing field as far as split seconds are concerned.

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