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As a child, Jewel was dealt an unfair hand. Growing up with asthma and allergies she had been unable to partake in any physically demanding activity that would trigger her condition. As parents, we were extremely cautious about activities she had been enrolled in by her class teachers. Even at times we kept quiet about our concerns, it was nerve wrecking to know what she’s up against on the day of her event. Simply put, asthma and migraine triggers are everywhere around you — visible or otherwise. It wasn’t until her first-ever 4x100m run back in May at the 2011 Chung Chung Middle School Sports Meet that gave us an opportunity to not only re-evaluate our fears but also to discover that she can run — fast! Fast track ahead two months (slight pun intended) and once again found herself on race track except this time it’s four times the distance at whatever break neck speed she can muster from her irregular and short training schedule.

The Brunei Times newspaper clipping of 26 July 2011BT-sports

The calm before the storm — anxious moments as Jewel observes the flag.


“Of all races, the fierce competition between Amanda Koo of Chung Hua Middle School (KB) and Jewel Shim of Chung Ching Middle School primary section in the girls’ 400m event had the whole stadium on its feet” — Chua Guan Cheong | The Brunei Times

“Amanda Koo, winner of the Best Female Athlete in Sunday’s Championship, was training behind Jewel Shim right from the beginning until the 350m mark … “
” … in an amazing final 50m dash, she overtook Shim at the finishing line, just piping the Chung Ching girl by a mere 0.16 of a second. Koo’s timing was 1 min 23.04 secs, while Shim’s timing was 1 min 23.20 secs.”
Jewel’s runner-up medal for her 400m event with another medal for third place in the team’s 4 x 100m.



Jewel succumbed to breathing difficulties following the highly demanding 400m event. Thanks to the quick response medical team, a couple of Ventolin puffs and most of all the support of her team mates, she was back on her feet in no time. I nearly had her pulled from further competition but respected her wish to fulfill her commitment to her school.
Chung Ching Middle School’s 4 x 100m runners waiting for their turn on the track.
Thank you Chua GC of The Brunei Times for this picture of Jewel receiving the baton.
Training behind Jewel is St Margaret School runner Denise C. with Jewel showing no signs of slowing down.


Passing the baton to team mate Haarnieqa for the final dash to win the team 3rd place in this event.
Bronze medal for the 4 x 100m event bringing a total of two personal medals to add to a growing collection of trophies from the children’s academic accomplishments at school.
Jewel’s bestest team mates in the 4x100m event. Nothing more satisfying than team-work WIN! When Jewel succumbed to breathing difficulties right after her 400m run, her 4×100 team mates stayed by her side the whole time she was receiving medical attention.  When she recovered, they assured her “It’s OK if we don’t win” and that it’s perfectly OK if she cannot run the 4×100. So adamant about not disappointing her friends and team that she refused to be sidelined and they went on to win  a bronze!


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