Brunei Darussalam


On May 19th 2011, I joined journalists from The Brunei Times, Borneo Bulletin, Media Permata, United Daily News and the editor of Bagus! magazine in what was our first COLOURS OF 1MALAYSIA 2011 Mega Familiarisation programme. This was my only second Mega Fam trip invite by Tourism Malaysia (Brunei) since the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2010. It was great to be back on the trail of Malaysia to discover more of what makes it a Truly Asia tourist destination!

It all began with this farewell group photo of six Mega Fam participants and two representatives from Tourism Malaysia Brunei office.
A smooth flight and two plus hours later, the group met with representatives from Tourism Malaysia Kuala Lumpur office and made our way to dinner at IBUNDA Malay Fine Dining, a restaurant which won the Best Malay Restaurant award in 2010.

It had been a stormy afternoon when we touched down. Now, I love the rain and I can find a dozen things to do or not do when it’s  pouring outside and while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on our way to Ibunda Fine Dining restaurant straight from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, all I had in mind was the mystery of what this award winning authentic Malay restaurant offered. It’s unfortunate that lighting at the table was a tad too dark to give you a visual treat but the good news is and you can’t go wrong with Ibunda especially if you happen to love spicy Asian food.

Ibunda Malay Fine Dining website | Malay Cuisine | Facebook

Ibunda set dinner served on stoneware consisting of braised lamb shank in onion cinammon gravy, bitter gout "sambal" and spicy condiments.
Also served on this very solid plate are King Prawn curry, local green salad & spicy chili, shrimp paste dip and braised beef in chili brown coconut paste.
Black glutinous rice, Macadamia nuts ice cream a tantalizing dessert not to be missed. I had to move this dessert to another table where there was usable light source to retain its appeal.
I am a big fan of open kitchen concept that has gained much popularity in recent years. Some readers like to see what the kitchen looks like as much as those who enjoy photos of hotel rooms. This shot wasn't pre-arranged nor were the chefs camera shy just simply a coincidence that kitchen was unoccupied.

If you’re in Brunei and would like more information about events or places of interest in Malaysia,
email Noorezamy or contact Tourism Malaysia Brunei office:

Unit 1.14 – 1.15, First Floor, The Rizqun International Hotel
Gadong BE3519,  Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: 673-2381575 / 673-2381576 | Fax: 673-2381584
Official Tourism Malaysia website


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