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On the day I left for the Singapore for the Singapore Tourism Board assignment, my morning began with a double-shot cappuccino at Coffee Bean@Departure Hall of Brunei International Airport followed by Royal Brunei Airline’s in-flight breakfast menu. About 3 hours or so later after touching down Singapore and getting reacquainted with Melo and meeting Jonel from the Phillipines for the first time, we were whisked away to the Wild Rocket for lunch.

“Wild Rocket started in 2005 out of a selfish ambition; because I wanted to be a chef and own my own restaurant. Over the years, this selfish purpose has changed; I have sort of done what I want – to open a restaurant but I needed something bigger than my original selfish goals to bring the restaurant to a higher plane. The philosophy of Wild Rocket remains unchanged i.e. to provide good food with good service and good ambiance but what drives us now is 2 pronged – 1. For the staff to all have a stake in the business; 2. To bless the less fortunate. But in order for us to do all that, we first need to be profitable and in order to be profitable we need to concentrate on what we think we do best – good food, good service and good ambiance.” — Wild Rocket | About Us

Wild Rocket, Hangout Hotel (Mount Emily), 10A Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228119
Telephone (65) 6339 9448 | Wild Rocket on Facebook

I normally stay away from taking photos of fellow restaurant patrons especially when they're eating. This instance I made it an exception seeing how the rather animated female patron helped give this photo a sense of drama to an otherwise mundane composition.

So what’s “Mod Sin” cuisine? It simply refers to Modern Singapore where “most of the dishes are inspired by Singapore flavours, hawker dishes or food I grew up with as a child.” — Wild Rocket | Menu

When we first opened wild rocket, everyone kept asking us what cuisine serve. I didn’t know how to describe it and always described it as food that I would eat. But that was a problem because every journalist and guidebook that wrote about us always have to find a way to label us. So in early 2006, I coined the term “Mod Sin” (or modern Singaporean) to describe our cuisine since most of the dishes are inspired by Singapore flavours, hawker dishes or food I grew up with as a child. I hope you will enjoy the Mod Sin cuisine as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Bon Appetit!

AMUSE-BOUCHE: Laksa Pesto with Tiger Prawns in Kuah Pie Tee Shell
STARTER: Burmese Tomato and Blue Swimmer Crab Salad


The way to go about eating our seafood crustacean starter is to mix them well before savouring this delightful dish.
PASTA: Seafood Crustacean Oil Spaghetti with Sakura Ebi
MAIN: Roast Chilean Seabass with Chai Poh Confit on Light Congee
SWEET: Pandan Infused Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka. So creamy and smooth it's WILD!

All images photographed using the Canon Powershot G11 and post-processed in my signature workmanship.


  1. oh wow. Amuse-Bouche looks so good! It is difficult not to drool after seeing all these awesomelicious food-shots!! 😀


    1. Depending on your style, the G11 and G12 is great for close-ups and I am entirely comfortable shooting in the “macro” zone as far as food photography goes. A key consideration when shooting food is to ALWAYS get the white balance right. The G11, and I presume G12 has this too, can automatically correct colour cast issues up to a programmed threshold. I normally correct them manually so the white balance is consistent throughout the shoot.


  2. Read also Melo’s blog post LUNCH AT WILD ROCKET SINGAPORE.

    And one of the best things about food is the way that it is constantly changing and being prepared in new ways. There’s a reason foodie shows have taken over the airwaves. Singapore is a hotbed for modern food. With a diversity of cuisines and a plethora of celebrity chefs, there are new things coming out of the kitchen in any Singapore restaurants all the time. And for me no kitchen is hotter than Wild Rocket.


    1. I shoot exclusively Canon gear and don’t follow technological developments of other camera makes, assuming “T2i” is another brand. G12 has the same engine as the G11 with the exception of HD video and in-camera HDR post-processing. Other recent food pictures shot with the G11 you may want to look at:

      and the flexibility to take pictures of flowers that are in some of the most awkward positions so near the ground it would be impossible to photograph without an angle viewfinder or flip-out LCD such as the EOS 60D.


    1. I shoot with two 5D Mark II and the G11 is very much a part of my work. The G11/G12 delivers great image quality when used under the right conditions. We carry so much equipment for commercial work that as soon as I have a chance to ditch the DSLRs, I’m most comfortable with the G11 on any other occasion other than work! I highly recommend the G12 for food photography—master White Balance and mouth watering dishes stay mouth watering instead of food with a medical condition!


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