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When I take on a commercial assignment, I pack a fair bit of equipment into my Rolling Lowepro Computrekker AW Plus. Along with essential gear are light stands, 32″ and 60″ shoot-through umbrellas, clamps and sometimes a spare light weight light stand to squeeze into a second bag. Working alone most of the time since 2004, I’ve learnt to manage the seemingly impossible—moving 20 kilos of gear from home to car to client location occasionally climbing several flights of stairs. Bottom line is you just get it done regardless. Customers want to see results not be burdened with excuses!

Food photography is my thing and I’m someone who can spend hours just to get things right (more so than the time I had spent with some brides during an actual day wedding shoot). Working with Executive Sous Chef of The Empire Hotel and Country Club recently gave me such satisfaction. Having said this, by far the most challenging of the restaurant menu photography are drinks. Challenging in part not shortage of ideas to pull off a shoot but rather in the form of creative lighting to give the images impact.

Using a hand-held LED lighted magnifying glass secured using a modified clamp extension. There are 8 LEDs powered by two AA batteries and incredibly bright for its size. This image was illuminated by a 60" umbrella to its right so you can see the entire setup clearly.
Once ambient lighting was removed from the equation, the LED ring light creates an interesting effect enough to even emphasize the condensation droplets.
Same photo as immediately above with LED light cloned out and slight tweaks to the drink. Introducing the "Empire Martini" a non-alcoholic cocktail mix of apple juice, orange juice & peach essence.


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