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My 2010 calendar of commercial industry photography finished with the Butra HeidelbergCement plant assignment in Serasa. The assignment was two fold: to produce new creative and interesting stock photographs for corporate use as well as specific images for their 2011 Process of Brunei Cement Production calendar. The last time I had a shoot in Serasa was quite a few years back for Port of Singapore Authority port operations and I was absolutely excited to be back in the neighbourhood for another assignment no less challenging. I present to you some of my favourite picks from the calendar.

A screenshot of the 2011 Brunei Cement desktop calendar with adjoining page showing the plant’s 50kg recyclable bags.
Brunei Cement calendar laid flat on top of my Dell Studio laptop keyboard. Love the combination of yellow and white light from two windows adding a movie set mood to the composition.
Aerial view of Brunei Cement plant at Serasa Industrial Area in Muara photographed during a fly-by for a Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) assignment.
Panoramic view of the ship delivering imported raw materials clinker and gypsum photographed on the side stairs of the Clinker Silo. (click on image to view larger version)
After grinding, the fine cement gets classified, filtered and transferred for storage in cement silos. Cement silos are on-site storage containers used for the storage and distribution of various types of cement mixtures.
Bulk distribution of cement at Brunei Cement facility to cement tankers. This vantage point shows their bulk distribution method along with their corporate logo and commitment to green practices.
One of Brunei Cement’s distribution methods is through the sale of 50kg recycylable bags by its six authorised distributors.
A different angle of the ball mill to the one used in the 2011 calendar showing the Butra Heidelberg logo. It’s called a ball mill because it contains thousands of steel balls that crush and grind raw materials into fine cement form.
A wider perspective of the cement silo storage a few floors up from the ground where the ball mill is.
A shot of my assistant Gavin at work on an upper floor of the mill. Couldn’t help not photographing the gorgeous light. This shot looks even better in black and white (click on photo to view).
This bridge houses a series of conveyor belts that move imported raw materials from the ship (see 4th photo from top) to storage facility at the plant.
Access to the ship is normally restricted and opportunity to photograph on board the ship is usually limited. On the day of the assignment, a “cement manufacuring process” assignment would not be complete without the source of quality raw materials (clinker and gypsum).
A late afternoon Brunei Cement plant landscape from across the jetty before calling it day.

Butra HeidelbergCement Sdn Bhd is located at Lot 3, Serasa Industrial Area, Muara BT1728 P O Box 153, Muara BT1128, Brunei Darussalam. It is 70% German owned (HeidelbergCement Group) and 30% locally owned by P.J. Corporation Sdn Bhd. For more information visit their website.

HeidelbergCement Group of Germany is a global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials. The HeidelbergCement Group employs some 57,000 people at 2,600 locations in around 40 countries.


  1. Hello Jan,

    I just discovered your blog and I am sure it will be a great help to improve my photography skills. I am not a professional photographer but I love it and we have also created a photo club here in Rome. The idea is to meet at least once a month and do photo walks all together, trying to focus on specific issue/subject!!

    I noticed the picture with the special edition all red Canon camera strap but I do not understand if it is a real one or just for your 5D miniature. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Antonio Barbieri
    from Rome (Italy)


    1. Hello Antonio, as long there’s love and passion in photography, great things happen. I hope you enjoy your stay here and goes without saying, you’re more than welcome to leave more than one comment. Regarding the red Canon strap, it’s 5-cm wide but got it as a gift from my Canon distributor. I believe they’re not sold anywhere and over the years I’ve been asked countless by readers who are interested in the item.


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