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Continuing from Festive Flavours is an article by Chris Cummins in which three of my Temburong rainforest are featured. I am very fortunate to have seen our Temburong on two separate photography assignments, one from an Air Force chopper including this view of Brunei LNG plant and another on foot and by boat exploring much of the rainforest as the preface declares, “The exclave of Temburong, home to most of Brunei’s virgin rainforest, could very well be Brunei’s answer to the outback. Chris Cummins takes us on a candid journey deep into the jungle revealing the quirks of this eco-treasure trove.” Grab your copy of Jan–Feb 2011 biG magazine and read Chris insight of the Temburong rainforest that was featured in Singapore Airlines SilverKris magazine: Brunei 5 Must Dos.

A resort in the mist | An Eye Over Temburong | Asian Geographic Honourable Mention

For many, the rainforest is the highlight, and rightly so. Still, one can’t help but be thrilled by soaring upriver for nearly an hour against a strong current weaving between rocks in the driving rain. The roar of the river is constant, as is the rain (pretty much expected, being in the rainforest) … I was almost lulled into the sense of being an early explorer, pushing into the land of the headhunters when reality arrived in the form of another canoe full of photo snapping tourists — not taking pictures of the forest, but of us, another load of grinning tourists deep in darkest Borneo. — Chris Cummins

Some of the most breathtaking landscapes can only be appreciated up high in the pre-dawn hours.
An amazing view of the Ulu Ulu Resort operated by Sunshine Tours, one that inspired the title of my post 'A Resort in the Mist.' You have to have spent a night or two here to get close and personal with the rainforest and its surroundings to complete your visit to the Temburong National Park
A Caucasian visitor typically accompanied by a boatman crosses a suspension bridge on his way to the boat. Boatmen are typically local to the rainforest and make perfect guides.


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