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Over the years, I have owned countless pairs of jeans and quite possibly more than the average number of bags a woman owns in the same time. OK, I may have just stretched the truth a little. They are easily the most versatile clothing for all sorts of work especially my kind and I subject them to abuse of sorts. When you spend so much time in one, you develop an emotional attachment to your everyday wear and my favourite pair is the “Rock” series by Esprit even as I tried to figure out the zipper annoyance at one time. Sadly, all good things eventually come to an end and this favourite has earned its place as vintage—seasoned and fragile like old cars—to be driven or rather worn on special occasions.

I must admit, these tears turn the clock back a few years and they look rather interesting, actually. I don't remember what happened the first time but this is a result of repeated floor encounters over the years!
An earlier photo of my Esprit "Rock" back when I had a problem with the zipper.

6 thoughts on “BATTLE SCARS

  1. I have a pair of jeans that I bought since 1997, a little faded but still in tact. Still fits me too. 🙂

    Some I had to toss out, others, loved them too much, so I made them into shorts.

    Yes, the frazzles, rips and tears speak character and details.


    1. I haven’t worn this pair for a few months now fearing that the tear would worsen from increased wear! I’m open to ideas on how I may patch it up as elegantly as possible. I would also not hesitate to buy a new pair if only I knew where I could order or pick up an old season piece.


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