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Contrary to popular belief, traditional media (the postcard) is not dead. I know this because every hotel that I’ve stayed in save for budget accommodation still includes postcards in the room. I play a very small part in keeping this age-old tradition of collecting postcards alive by asking friends to send me one when they travel abroad. In the case of social media extraordinaire Geek In White I received not one but five postcards from Paris. Many thanks, Marul! (A special mention to Colin from Singapore who sent me one while holidaying in Brisbane).

As an assignment photographer, I enjoy travelling and meeting people from all over the world. If there’s one other thing I love doing when I am not airport-hopping, it’s getting postcards from cities that I hope to visit someday. If you would send me a postcard, I’d be more than happy to reciprocate the same with one from my humble abode, on request.  As a added token of appreciation, I will add your piece to this post along with a caption of who and where it’s from (as soon as opportunity permits~been so swamped with work, I have no me time). Friends in Brunei are welcome to send me their favourite postcards too!

Jan Shim P O Box 2 . Seria Post Office KB 1190 . Brunei Darussalam

A collage of my postcard collection from friends and NatGeo photographer, Kris LeBoutillier.
A postcard of the ALHAMBRA from Granada, SPAIN. One of a series of five postcards from Marul I had the pleasure of receiving in the post box.
Good friend Clovis Lai sent me a postcard from France entitled “Paris, Eiffel Tower and Bike”
A “Why Is Grandma Happy” postcard autographed by National Geographic photographer Kris LeBoutillier at the Canon seminar in Brunei on June 8, 2009 | click on image to read blog post.

16 thoughts on “Send Me A Postcard”

  1. You can expect a postcard from Barbados. It will take some weeks (perhaps longer — hopefully not) to get there though, especially now during the holiday season. 🙂


  2. One of the first things I do as soon as I step inside a hotel room not matter how average or stunning it may be is check out their postcards. I’ve never actually mailed any of them to myself but had always brought them home. Exactly where all of them are kept is another question … now that I’ve kick started this world postcard idea, I’ll have to comb the room a bit.


  3. I love writing postcards, may be more so sharing my experience, while exploring different parts of China. Besides, I am a philatelist so I will never miss visiting a post office in any places I visit. I used to make photo I took into personalised postcards and post them to friends on their birthdays. Unfortunately, the studio I worked with in Xi’an is no longer in operation. I have yet to find a printer in Shanghai which can do the same job for a reasonable price. The frustration sending postcards from China is its inefficiency. One could take as long as 4 weeks to reach the destination, sometimes never. Brunei Post is never known for its efficiency either. Anyway, I will try.


    1. That’s a wonderful idea—turning photographs into postcards. Although the service is virtually available in every country where there are commercial printers, the problems have always been about quality of print vs cos. Majority of postcards I know that are sold here have been printed abroad. I have a number of photos that I think would make great meaningful postcards but I’ve been troubled by the possibility of my work being unethically sold to 3rd party hence I do not readily trust any one abroad with my hard work. But that’s another matter altogether. I look forward to your postcard no matter how long it takes. Thank you in advance!


  4. I love your collection. It’s like a travel scrapbook, with images of places and people around the world. Each tells a unique story. I’m going to start my collection. Like yourself, I’ve kept some nice postcards I brought home from some overseas hotels and some old cards sent to me by friends back when snail mail was king.

    Like you have demonstrated, snail mail is still quite alive. I must therefore get back on this bandwagon, start my own “travel log”. Thanks for your inspiration.


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