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Bet the first thing that springs to mind is kebabs, at least for some of us! Unlike kebabs have cubes of meat and vegetables like, onions, tomatoes, squash and potatoes, satay or saté is made with strips of beef or chicken and threaded onto metal skewers (traditionally bamboo) and served with a peanut based dipping sauce. Over the years it has grown so much in popularity across Asia and into the Western World that it’s become somewhat of a household name. Easily Malaysia’s most famous delicacy, we sampled delicious satay at the Satay Club during our tour of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (more on the visit in another post). In Brunei, satay is equally popular and you can expect to find not one but several satay vendors in town fanning their charcoal skewers. It’s such a local favourite that we even serve them during Chinese New Year.

I don’t know if this was intentionally done but I love the fiery effect of the ceiling which resembles the glowing flames of satay skewers. I was immediately drawn into the brilliant design.
I don’t know if other Satay Club outlets share similar ambiance but there’s nothing like visiting an upscale one for a lasting first impression.


It’s as though the Chef read my mind, set the skewer ablaze for this photo op. Ok, I lied. He noticed I had a long white lens and I kinda nudged him to put on a show for me!
Encore! Encore!
My mouth waters just looking at sticks of chicken satay. Peanut sauce just adds fuel to the burning desire for some succulent satay right this minute.
Diced cucumbers and onions go so incredibly well with satay that they are the next best thing to finish off the peanut sauce with.

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Unit 1.14 – 1.15, First Floor, The Rizqun International Hotel
Gadong BE3519,  Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: 673-2381575 / 673-2381576 | Fax: 673-2381584
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13 thoughts on “DELICACY ON A STICK

    1. Chicken, beef and lamb are what I consider the most common and popular satay choices everywhere so they should be on the menu. Perhaps someone who frequents Satay Club can comment further.


  1. jan shim… i’ve been worked there.. no actually, i just finish my internship there.. 🙂 i don’t really know how to grill the satay… i’m not an expert. and it was super duper hot to stand there, i feel excited to grill satay, but i don’t like it because it is too hot for me to handle. hahaha.. but… my experience was sooooo great there. as the chefs are so good to me. the one who do the flaming is now transfered to the olive tree restaurant. 🙂 satay club is the best outlet i’ve worked there. i really love the staffs, though it is kinda stressful during peak hours.

    (ok see me getting excited just by telling u i know them lol)


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