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A name of a restaurant that’s also describes a cuisine, QING ZHEN is a Chinese Islamic restaurant (written in Chinese as 清真菜館 and pronounced in pinyin: qīng zhēn cài guǎn) at Novotel in Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Qingzhen is also the Chinese word for “pure truth” which is equivalent to Halal (the term used in Arabic speaking countries to describe anything permissible under Islamic law). So essentially a Chinese Islamic restaurant is a “qingzhen restaurant” that serves “qingzhen” food. A quick search online reveals a growing popularity of such establishments worldwide including parts of China owing to a large community of Chinese Muslims.


Qing Zhen Restaurant's commitment to serving Chinese Muslim cuisine. Its commitment is evident in the Islamic architecture (arches) and lantern style lights.

Dim Sum favourites include Steamed King Prawn “Har Kau” with Crystal Skin, Crispy Spring Roll with Mongolian Sauce, Deep Fried Cheddar Cheese Roll with Organic Homemade Beancurd Skin, Homemade Mini Lotus Paste Bun in Traditional Style with Egg Yolk, Signature Steamed Shanghai Dumpling with Shredded Ginger, Steamed Asparagus Tips with Fish Paste and Prawns, Crispy Yellow Vegetarian Spring Roll Sweet and Spicy Peanut Sauce, Deep Fried Paper Prawn Roll with Dragon Fruit Chili Salsa, Signature Egg Tart, Steamed Szechuan Spicy Dumpling with Black Vinegar and Hot Pepper Oil, Signature Deep Fried Prawn and Mango Roll and many more.

A shot of the minimalist "steam" kitchen and basic tools of the trade—combination of modern stainless steel steamer in a traditionally large wok!

Those of you interested in modern stainless steel steamer can check out this awesome Oshino work of art!



Borneo Bulletin journalist, Afelda, helping herself with sesame seed spring-roll wrapped in seaweed.




Being early meant we had opportunity to take pictures of the food and venue without interrupting fellow patrons. Here, a better view of the interior of the dining hall along with a couple of patrons who gave a positive reaction to being photographed (this scene was not rehearsed).


A sample of Qing Zhen's Dim Sum offering. For some reason I can't recall if this was my plate as it's rather unusual that I would have taken this much finger food before the main meal. This may have been Chai's plate come to think of it—he has a bigger appetite!
Now, this is more the sort of buffet inspired dishes that would find their way to my plate. I'm quite predictable when it comes to food as I don't consider myself an adventurer in this department.


While not exactly my favourite Cheng Teng Qing Zhen serves something close I could not get enough of especially on a hot day. I helped myself to 3 servings of longan and bean curd dessert that was just too delicious to pass up.

Sweet iced dessert longan and bean curd in light syrup just what the doctor ordered to stay cool.
Complementing the Chinese Islamic architecture of the restaurant is the mood these lamps add to its ambiance. Compared to the buffet table which wasn't as illuminated, I was repeatedly drawn to this table.





QING ZHEN also serves  Traditional Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup, Fisherman’s Pot of Sea Cucumber, Fish Lips, Tofu in a Fiery “Yellow River” Broth, Sweet Corn Soup with Minced Chicken, Deep-Fried Red Snapper Fish with Preserved Vegetables and Fragrant Crispy Pumpkin, Grilled Lamb Chops with Cumin & Lemongrass, Deep Fried Chicken with Kapitan Sauce, Stir-Fried Beef with Black Pepper, Longan and Soft Bean Curd in Light Syrup, Boiled Sweet Potato in Light Syrup, Chilled Honey Dew and Sago Pearl in Golden Honey Syrup, Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Tea, Crispy Pancake with Lotus paste Mango Pudding with Blueberry Topping, Steamed Thousand Layer Cakes and many more equally tempting dishes for your selection.

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  1. Although halal meats are available here in Manila there isn’t a restaurant where all the menu is. Another excellent posting to open our eyes to new stuff.

    Superb photos, my friend. Especially the subtle use of special processing in some of the photos.


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