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Convinced by a live raw egg demo of the Yonex Power Cushion technology at Yonex Brunei Open Ike Shio Cup earlier this year and a burning need to replace my worn out shoes, I went shopping and bought a pair of  Yonex SHB 85 LTD. Badminton is a great end-of-the-week stress remover for me due to its high intensity cardiovascular workout. The nature of the game requires these high tech shoes to elevate my play so it’s critical that the feet are appropriately cushioned on touch down. The 3 key points Yonex drive: 1) eases the shock when landing (the power of shock absorption) 2) transfers shock into energy (the power of rebound) and 3) generates more kick (the power of compression and repulsion) collectively give the wearer reduced muscle fatigue and more aggressive play.

SHB 85 LTD High Performance. A highly modified unisex version of the very successful SHB 85 this shoe with extra support given by the Carbon Fibre Sole plate and synthetic lightweight leather upper has all the hall marks of a future classic: Lightweight, flexible, support and great grip – superb combination.







    1. The good news is the aglet is very likely to outlast the shoe even though it isn’t a part most people pay any attention to (shot it with the 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens). The price tag began as B$200+ as soon as I stepped into the store. I mumbled something as I trying them on for size and got the final price down to $140.

      I wore them for the first time when I played this afternoon. Because it’s new, the side pinches due to its narrower toe cap design. I hope in time preferably sooner than later that loosens up a tad but right now it’s fits like a glove with marginal breathing room. The best part is the shoes have brought back renewed confidence in the game as even on floors that are usually slippery I had plenty of traction.


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