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Yes, seriously! When I stepped into Early Childhood Publications (ECP) this morning, I hadn’t planned on stepping into a pair of Crocs. The lightweight Quicktrail Sport variety immediately caught my eye and my imagination ran amok the various photographic pursuits in outdoor terrains where loafers or dress shoes aren’t appropriate. My kids are on their second pair now and god knows just how many Crocs both genuine and imitation have become a part of people’s daily lives. Shame though, there’s no Canon Jibbitz™ not even a generic Digital SLR one in their rather comprehensive online catalogue. (You may also like to know that Early Childhood Publications hosted world renowned celebrity chef/restaurateur Bobby Chinn in 2009)

The Crocs™ Quicktrail Low shoe is the perfect water shoe. A comfortable croslite™ footbed and a rubber outsole make this shoe ideal for water activities, from boating to wading you won’t find a more amazing shoe. Side drainage ports allow water to drain, and the mesh collar provides a secure fit.

One-piece molded croslite™ material midsole and foodbed for maximum lightweight cushioning.
Stretch mesh collar creates a secure fit, yet allows for easy on/off.
Rubber pods for traction, durability and toe protection
Lightweight with each shoe weighing just 8oz for comfort and fun
Water ready: footbed drainage ports allow water to flow freely while also protecting against intrusion of pebbles or other small objects. Unless there's some brilliant engineering behind this design, I can't help but wonder how equally freely the vents allow water to enter the shoes when you stand in a puddle.


The Quicktrail promises 'Trail and Water' readiness. Various bead sizes demonstrate its water repelling property. Then again, aren't all rubberized Crocs models water proof anyway?
A gift that perfectly complements my travel collection from over the years, an authentic Crocs World Cup South Africa key-chain.


  1. oh wow! very nice pair of crocs! haha. I love the style! I haven’t have one yet though!! ;D hehe.

    P.S. You do awesomely well with phototaking goods and products. I remembered the Coach bag pics you took too! hehe. Sure you don’t want these companies to pay you some tips for making such awesome pictures of their products? ;D


    1. Sure you don’t want these companies to pay you some tips for making such awesome pictures of their products?

      I don’t see why not. Commercial product photography fits squarely in my international assignment portfolio and as expanding SHIMWORLD as tourism ambassador to include brand promo for my clients. It just makes economic sense. Same goes for Coach bags since you asked 🙂


    1. I chose South Africa for obvious reason—they’re the hosting nation and nothing is more symbolically significant than this, I thought. The keychain adds to my huge and still growing collection of world travel memorabilia. In fact it’s grown big enough to justify another display cabinet 🙂


  2. These have to be the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They’re like walking on foam rubber. These are great year round shoes where I live. They make being on my feet a pleasure.


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