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The annual Chung Ching Middle School sports meet on July 31, 2010 was the finish line for me in the hectic month of July. What an eventful and productive month it had been for me and for so many other people who reveled in the festivity of His Majesty our Sultan’s birthday celebration in all districts. I was particularly excited at the opportunity to capture the vibrant atmosphere that I’ve come to expect from the school event, not only because my children were involved in an activity one way or another but also the event was held at the new Anthony Abell College (AAC) sports field where runners from other schools were invited to participate.

The end of the line in the field opened up opportunities of epic proportions when pictures from the event were posted on Facebook. As soon as word got out,  the beginning of a new race took over at an overwhelming rate. I lost count how many students added me followed by the countless number of friends tag approvals I’ve had to approve. Check out The Brunei Times coverage of the event by Chua Guan Cheong.

Anthony Abell College’s own Saiful Nadzrie blasts past the finishing line in the invitational 4x100M relay event.
Emily Chung of Chung Hwa Middle School in Kuala Belait does her team and school proud
What do you do when there’s so much running and freezing them with a high shutter speed on a hot sunny day just doesn’t bring out the art in running? Pan them in slow shutter and then carefully tone them in B/W to bring out the mood. Love the shadows cast by the overhead sun!
From one accomplishment to another, from dawn till dusk, flying our national flag, keeping our heads up high and doing our country proud with pride—the ultimate and most rewarding finish line!

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