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Once in ancient China, there was a cunning Prince who fought against the Mongols. With the help of his Senior Deputy, the Prince devised an ingenious plan to reclaim the city that was occupied by the invaders. The plan was very simple. His Senior Deputy was to dress up as a Taoist Monk and, while disguised, walk through the city and hand out uniquely made mooncakes to the people. The people found a secret message inside these special mooncakes. The Prince asked for their assistance to aid him and his soldiers in reclaiming the city from the Mongols. With the people’s help, the Emperor-to-be was thus able to take over the city and claim his throne.


From ancient Chinese legends to present day penchant for the traditional, award-winning Chinese Restaurant, Tai Zi Heen, located on Level 2 of Prince Hotel & Residence in Kuala Lumpur celebrates Moon Festival between August 1 to September 22, 2010 and offers their home-made signature mooncake creations. Many thanks to Tourism Malaysia Brunei and Shirley Hoo, Director of Marketing Communications of Prince Hotel, we had a princely opportunity to bring these award-winning mooncakes home in exquisitely packaged box set—white lotus paste with single egg yolk, Pandan with single egg yolk and melon seeds, low sugar Hong Kong white lotus paste, etc. with tea leaves to complement the flavour.

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Winding down our week long tour of Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi on July 27th, we returned to Prince Hotel to be ushered into the award-winning Tai Zi Heen Chinese restaurant located on Level 2 where it’s also very popular for their Dim Sum. Moments after sitting down, inspired by their signature dishes, I quickly forgot how exhausted I had been and whipped out my PowerShot G11 to share these delights with you all. I know, food these sinful, it’s wrong to be selfish!

A unobstructed view of the Yin Yang prawns with what appears to be white and black sesame seeds. Did I also mention they’re super delicious?
Chicken Double Boiled Soup with Fish Maw and Abalone
Baked Cod Fish with Cheese. Incidentally, I was told this is Singapore Actor Gurmit Singh’s favourite item when he’s in town.
Mongolian Rack of Lamb. OMG, this is one juicy item and it so happens that I really dig ‘rack of lamb’ which I occasionally order at Fratini Restaurant in Seria.
More Rack of Lamb goodness from a different vantage point. Regardless of perspective, this remains my hot favourite. The chunky Kai Lan presumably HK variety’s really good too!
Stir Fried Prawns with Australian Asparagus and Belachan
Mini Snow Skin Chocolate Whiskey Mooncake easily the most “sinful dessert” for the mid-autumn celebration that melts in your mouth. Chocolate Whiskey was named one of the Best Mooncake in Town in the “Battles of Mooncakes” organised by The Star newspaper
Mango Puree with Pomelo, Sago and Vanilla Ice Cream

If you’re in Brunei and would like more information about events or places of interest in Malaysia,
email Noorezamy or contact Tourism Malaysia Brunei office:

Unit 1.14 – 1.15, First Floor, The Rizqun International Hotel
Gadong BE3519,  Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: 673-2381575 / 673-2381576 | Fax: 673-2381584
Official Tourism Malaysia website


  1. ahh…Jan. You made my mouth water la. I can almost taste the dishes from the photos…So how to get our hands (and satisfy our palate) on these delicious mooncakes?


    1. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur and I think Air Asia has some super hot deals, Shirley’s the one to catch for these delectable mooncakes! But, if you’re not heading that way, I’m pretty sure there’s no shortage of palate-satisfying mooncakes from your regular source. Speaking of which, it’s time we met up for coffee tea again—lots to catch up, as usual.


  2. Beautifully mouth watering shots and kudos to using the G11 P&S. Really goes to show that it just isn’t the camera but the shooter. The whole time I thought it was 24-70L before I read your narrative.


    1. Well, it’s the camera, the person behind and what’s in front of the camera. One cannot exist without the other so in essence, photography is a threesome! In case anyone else is confused, the mooncake photos were shot with the 5DII and 100mm Macro f/2.8 IS Hybrid (available light @ISO3200 with very light post processing) while the signature dishes were captured hand held using the PowerShot G11 in Macro/Program Mode with Tungsten colour temperature.


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