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Back in January this year, I received an email from a homeschool mom in Layton, Utah who had agreed to teach an art class to other home-schooled children aged between 9and 12 alongside her own son who’s 12. She came across the photo below that was originally posted in The Haunting Truth of Success which she found as “a very good example of positive and negative space. It would be simple enough for the kids to successfully copy to paper while building their confidence because they produced a beautiful project.”

An artistic looking dead trees seen along the Lumut-Seria by-pass in the Belait District of Brunei Darussalam

Following a couple of email exchanges and having established a mutual understanding, I sent Brenda a high resolution file that was sufficient to produce 8 x 10 as main reference. Among other things discussed, I suggested letting the kids have a personal reference each for their convenience instead of drawing off  the one main image.

Those are great ideas! I guess that’s why you take such beautiful photos. My house has an open kitchen, dining and living area. It is well lit, but I have a problem with back light due to windows. You know what that does to photos! I was looking at pictures from a previous class, and found that I tend to take pictures of the kids working, so their faces don’t really show much. The ones near the windows didn’t photograph well. I’ll try changing the way I set up the table to minimize the back light. I use a Canon Powershot pocket camera, so my photos won’t look as nice as yours, but I will do my best. The class that we will use your beautiful photo will take place either on Feb. 4 or 11th. Thank you for cropping it and changing the colours. It looks perfect! I can’t wait to see the kids’ interpretations of your photo.

You’re nice to take the time to write. I appreciate what you are doing for these kids. I just became a fan of your Facebook page. You have beautiful pictures! — Brenda Kidd

The kids had so much fun with this water color and ink project. The picture is so beautiful yet simple in its composition and was perfect for our study of positive and negative space. We definitely had a memorable time (I think all of the kids learned something about Brunei too!). Thank you again for your generosity. — Brenda Kidd on Facebook

6 thoughts on “INTERPRETATION

  1. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I’ve enjoyed our correspondences as much as your beautiful pictures.

    The kids truly enjoyed working on this project and were very proud of their accomplishment.

    We did a later painting project that focused on Japanese cherry blossoms because I saw a picture that you posted, of you and your beautiful wife. Many of your photos are a great inspiration. I usually use royalty-free photos since this is a home school class, but this dead tree was so perfect that I couldn’t resist asking about it.

    I know you are a very busy man and am humbled by your kindness. Thank you again.



  2. Jan, You are my hero! Another of my kampung boy done good story. Will chat with you on this in our next coffee time and put your story in my seminars with Linda about how we can make a difference. Cheers! Great to read up and thanks for sharing.


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