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One step up from the Canon Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home comes the 6 Million Dollar Home. What I didn’t review with the 5 Million I’ve done so with the 6 Million such as its generous capacity to accommodate my most frequently used choice of lenses. Most of the time, one body and a lens combo is either hanging off my shoulder or in my hands but I slotted in a a 5D Mark II with grip for illustration purposes in the second picture. In the place of a body could be more another lens or battery pack and whatever else you may need on the road. For all its intended design and purpose, I usually just rip out the padding to hold the entire 5D Mark II and 70-200mm mounted (hood either reversed fitted or removed).

On the left is the 6 Million Dollar Home and on the right (red) is the 5 Million. Side by side, they look similar and the 6 Million is deceivingly spacious and functional.
The 6 Million Dollar Home accommodates my gripped 5D MkII, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS, EF 24-70mm f/2.8 and Speedlite 580EX Flash (not including external lens pouch). *lenses shown here with hoods removed.
Here, I have the EF70-200mm f/2.8 IS (without hood) mounted to the gripped 5D MkII body and inserted vertically into the bag with EF24-70mm and EF17-40mm lens on both sides with room for other smaller accessories. Particularly useful if you need to quickly keep them away from rain or other elements. Note that you won't be able securely lock the cover down as the strap are too short.
A cool design of Crumpler bags are the side gear loops on which I hardly ever leave the house without my Lowepro 1W pouch (fits an ultra wide angle lens comfortably). The loop also takes a bigger 1S pouch should you require to carry a 24-70mm outside.
I find the 6 Million more usable than the 5 Million although having both and in different colours means I'm spoilt for choice. My wife does *not* get to keep the red one to bring food to the office!
Here's my beef! Instead of giving us the Crumpler dude on the other side the bag would be a lot more functional if loops were included on both sides to maintain balance. As a result of the oversight, I devised my own method to hang a Lowepro 1S pouch (a loop would help secure it from swinging about)


    1. For years I’ve alternate between my LowePro Mini Trekker back pack, LowePro Nova 5 shoulder bag, LowePro Computrekker Rolling AW Plus and very recently the Crumpler 5 and 6 Million Dollar Homes, I like the convenience of shoulder bags as I can easily reach for a lens to change out. Back packs while they don’t hurt can be a major pain too when it comes to reaching for something inside (in a hurry).


  1. I’ve tried the LowePro backpacks (I own 2). However the Crumpler bags are great as the access to various lenses, flash, etc is quite easy. While I think the basic colored bags don’t attract attention where did the Canon branded ones come from? I’d love to get a red Canon crumpler bag.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Between the 6 Million Dollar Home and the LowePro Nova 5 AW, the 5 has a lot more space and you can easily flip up the cover to reach an item in the bag but it feels bulky. LowePro has the reporter series that incorporates a zip right through the top cover to facilitate lens swap quickly but I don’t think I want to spend more money on bags with little conveniences. Sometimes it’s better to re-evaluate how we shoot instead of cramming the entire studio into a small bag. Oops, sometimes it’s also better to answer the question asked even if the answer may not be of much help 🙂

      Check out your nearest Canon showroom that stocks merchandise. Crumpler stores may or may not have them. Both my 5 and 6 Million bags are gifts from my local Canon distributor. I know that in Singapore, you can find them at the Canon store at Vivo City shopping centre where you’ll also find the Canon miniatures such as the EOS 5D MkII (also a 4GB pen drive), 30 Million EF Lens Anniversary and other goodies you have to have 🙂


    1. No experience with ThinkTank products (including bags) to share a thought. My Canon Crumpler bags are free and while the 5 Million Dollar Home is a tad too small for my overseas travel needs, the 6 Million seems to be just nice. I have no reason to spend a few hundred dollars. So happens Gavin has a Retrospective 30 Pinestone and I’ll him share his thoughts.


    2. Roger, I’ve been using ThinkTank Retrospective 30 ever since I got it. I had to put aside my other “Lowepro Mini Trekker AW” because this is an awesome bag. The Retrospective holds everything and more than my old bag ever held and always have 1 DSLR camera with lens attached. Just like the Think Tank slogan says be ready “before the moment” !


      1. In all honesty, I find the Retrospective 30 a tad too big. It’s no doubt more spacious than the 6 Million and if one isn’t careful or lack discipline the 30 could end up accommodating more than one’s shoulder can handle for extended hours. I found even with the 6 Million, climbing in and out of a van can be quite a challenge especially when you have to squeeze into the second row of seats.


    1. I think you mean the Canon EOS grey with red inserts 6 Million bag. As you’re in Singapore, you may want to head over to Canon showroom at VivoCity. Take a look at the other Canon EOS other bags I came across when I was there recently. The green compartments can easily be removed if you’re not going to use them. In fact you have no one to give them to, you are welcome to mail them to me.


    1. 5 Million is probably between $100+ … don’t know exact figure. Just give them a ring tomorrow to enquire price and availability in the colour scheme you want. I don’t have their phone number either but I’m pretty sure you know where to look it up.


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