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These images were taken in the evening of June 16 when the Chinese community in Seria and Kuala Belait celebrated Dumpling Festival. Unlike other cultures in Asia such as Hong Kong where dragon boat races are held to mark this day, we just enjoy hanging out at the beach and what we lack in terms of meaningful event to celebrate, we make up in large numbers of people just indulging in spectator sports. So this year, no pictures of the crowded beach but instead a  small selection of off-the-cuff moment including this one below where Azri went chest deep into the sea in order to get a good vantage point of the sunset and rainbow. Looking at the scene through the viewfinder, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of opportunity, risk, uncertainty, bravery and determination. This spells PATIENCE for a photographer determined to get the shot—what is a  state of mind is now also a piece of art 🙂

Inking a creative moment of art imitating life injected with a dose of humor is this cardboard mounted 8R print for a client who is also a friend and former colleague.

I’m against consumption of SHARK FINS and if you are too,

That same evening, there was as much drama above as there were below. Rain, rain clouds and “ray of light” phenomenon aren’t exactly the sort of things you catch everyday (not even if you live right next to the beach and keeping your fingers crossed all year long. The beach is one heck of a vantage point when it comes to natural drama such as this lighting Bokeh I recently caught while photographing kayaks.

Heavy rain in the horizon, dark clouds and a thick diffused ray of light pierces through rain clouds.
Dramatic clouds accent the gorgeous sunset at the Billionth Barrel Monument beach on the onset of rain sending beach goers scurrying off the sand except for the two silhouetted figures.


  1. Jan, that’s fantastic pictures!

    How I wish I could acquire photo skills to have great pictures like these. Me just an amateur, still “toying” with my compact camera & a new mini DSLR.


    1. Thanks Shirley. Glad you liked them. I have two suggestions: know your DSLR (make friends with the manual) and shoot a lot (practice, practice, practice). Camera’s no good sitting on the table and it’s no good either signing up for photography classes and not practicing—a chef’s knife is only as sharp as the number of times it gets used and sharpened.


  2. You guys are great—I love how you all played along and gave our “hero” so much support. I’m sure he (the shark) deeply appreciates the gesture. Now, that deserves a LOL! In any case, I’m against consumption of SHARK FINS and if you are too, PLEDGE your support to STOP SHARK FINNING.


  3. Such lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing! I have friendfeed-ed these images and Facebook Like-ed them!

    psst: Don’t you just love the new Facebook Like code for 😀


    1. Thank you. I left you a comment. I have trouble getting the bookmarklet to work. Any idea what steps I may have missed? The tutorials couldn’t have been simpler. Any chance the script may be blocked by a Firefox Add-on, Adblock Plus?


    1. It’s amazing how you managed to overcome what was deemed “impossible” for a very long time. And today I came across this post where it’s now possible to embed a Flickr Flash gallery where it was not possible before. The Flickr gallery has so much more appeal than WordPress’ own rudimentary attempt. Sooner or later, will have be so feature-rich that it makes no sense to self-host. The ability to place ads is over hyped in that income generated from “Ad Sense” probably aren’t enough to cover for hosting fees (with few exceptions, of course, like all things in life).


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