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Last Sunday like any regular Sunday, we ate out. We knew it was Father’s Day but I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. So we had an out-of-town lunch at Hing Nam Foong and did regular things such as checking out a shoe store next door afterwards. To cut what is possible a long story short, came night time when Jamie was packing his bags for school the next day, he mumbled in a rather disappointed voice why we didn’t celebrate Father’s Day remembering that we did so for each of our birthdays including a meal on Mother’s Day. So we promised him that we would and he chose Thursday. Usually quiet and not very good at expressing himself, Jamie’s own quirky way in showing that he cares managed to touch me in ways I hadn’t at all expected from him. Which is the main reason I’m posting this—that some day, some how, he’ll discover this blog post.

The much anticipated Thursday came and the morning began with a comment that made my day. Jamie had a sports meet in the afternoon and I had a meeting with Brunei Tourism CEO to discuss a shoot after which we would meet for dinner at a restaurant of his choice, Fratini. Thank you, Jamie, for making my day blissful. [Note: All photos shot with the Powershot G11 and image effect made possible with Windows Live Writer with Polaroid Photo plug-in. Font used in caption: Freestyle Script]

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