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It’s raining as I write this and what perfect moment it is considering when I visited Kuala Lumpur five months ago and covering most of KL on foot (when not on the LRT), it was pretty darn wet. The last time I visited KL, the Twin Towers hadn’t been built then but in no time, they quickly became one of the most over photographed iconic structures of Peninsular Malaysia. Considering the timeline on which I decided to act on the OK given by Louis Pang for the Joe McNally workshop and seminar coverage, it was quite a spur of the moment decision on my part. The thing is, I came back with a ton of photos from the event and every single one of the images are still sitting on the hard drive—if it’s not one thing, it’s another thing that distracts me from working on them. So maybe these random images from KL are a sign that I’m slowly and surely getting there. So, I walked quite a fair bit in and around town with the PowerShot G11 which also got pretty wet and one of the first images I uploaded was some Facebook friends consider a great Malaysian Tourism poster. You think?

Commuter trains come in all manners of advertising. I waited for the right one to come along before getting this shot the whole time battling rain from marring the lens.
I love how the Tilt and Swivel feature of the PowerShot G11 allowed me to easily compose this shot without having to tilt and swivel my body in any awkward manner.

And of course you cannot just talk about Kuala Lumpur without mentioning its other all time attraction—street food.

Pictures like this work up an appetite for no apparent reason. Street foods in Kuala Lumpur and in most cities in Asia are a huge draw for locals, tourists and foodie TV programs.

I also met up with Nicholas who brought me to Restoran Tangkak Beef Noodles (practically behind The Coronade Hotel where I stayed) for an unforgettably delicious beef noodles. Check out his website and you’ll see that he’s quite the animal. 🙂  The other really good beef noodles soup I personally recommend is in Singapore at Food Republic.

The unforgettable beef noodle dining experience inspired by Nicholas Leong. It was so good I went back the next evening with my cousin Daniel and his wife Santi. Thanks buddy.

Right before our order came when the table was still visibly clean and clutter free!
Walking back to the hotel after a second night of beef noodles, we got lost somewhat and just let instincts guide us until we came to this back lane. The weirdly colour cast was a result of the street lamp which produced a rather interesting "Gotham City" mood contrast against the city building in the distance.


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